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5 Things to Do Your Last Semester of College

It’s the last semester of your senior year. Your time as an undergrad is coming to an end; graduation plans, job searching and finishing the semester are pretty much all that consumes your time. But before this amazing chapter of your life ends and you begin a new one, here are five things to do to make your last semester the most memorable one yet {besides graduating and all}.  

1. Go on road trips with your friends.

If you haven’t spent time traveling with your friends, staying up late and checking out the nightlife in a new city, now is the time! Take a weekend to just get away and experience a different place with your pals and enjoy life before going out into the working world, starting grad school or whatever your next step is. Spend time creating lasting memories that you can share with the friends you’ve made during your time in school. 

2. Strive for scholastic excellence. 

For most students, last semester usually means taking classes that are either the last of your required curriculum or taking “super easy” classes that you don’t have to work that hard in. It’s easy to let extreme senioritis settle in, but no matter what you are taking, remember you should strive to work hard up until you walk across that stage. Plus, you don’t want to jeopardize anything that could potentially keep you from graduating on time! 

3. Do something bold and new 

Your last semester should be full of excitement and preparation for what’s to come next. If you’re anything like me, it can start to get a little stressful the closer it gets. So, if you’re looking for a change, do something bold that you may not have done before! Get a new hairstyle, go get matching tattoos with your BFF or even talk to that crush you’ve had since freshman year! Why not, you only have two months left in school anyway. *shoulder shrug* CARPE DIEM!  

4. Give a freshman advice 

Remember how daunting college was when you were a freshman, all those years ago? How you didn’t know where anything was on campus? Or were struggling to make friends, or find extracurricular activities that you could really thrive in? As a graduating senior, think on your time as a freshman and how you can give back to the newest graduating class by offering advice, support or even just pointing them the way to the best place in town to chill. You never know how you could help someone else’s time in college to be a little bit easier.  

5. Tell the people in your life how you feel about them  

The hardest part about your last semester is the goodbyes. Acknowledging that you will most likely never see some of the people you’ve met again can be heartbreaking, but it is a very real part of growing up and moving on. If you don’t want to leave things unsaid, tell the people closest to you what they mean to you. Whether it be your best friends, your favorite professors or your “friend” that is really your crush {yes, I’m an advocate for going for what you want}, don’t leave this special time of your life with any regrets. Share your heart before you share your goodbyes.  


As graduation day draws near, look back on the last few years of your life and see who you have become. It may surprise you to see how much you’ve grown from that baby freshman that was constantly getting lost in Haley to a full-fledged adult. From one graduating senior to another, good luck in everything you do!  

Tatianna Eaves is a senior at Auburn University studying Media Studies with a minor in Theatre. An Auburn native, Tatianna enjoys college football, photography and obscure Netflix movies. She aspires to be a screenwriter and producer, if she can just make it through college. Instagram: @tatianna_e24
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