A 5 Minute Makeup Routine for those Early Mornings

Let’s face it- I’d rather hit snooze than wake up in time to actually put myself together for class. I know I’m not alone on this, gals! Let’s bond over our shared hatred of the morn, shall we? Being a makeup-lover and freelance makeup artist myself, here’s five steps I do in five minutes that will have people thinking YOU WOKE UP LIKE THIS! No matter if you’re a saver or a spender, I’ve listed high-end AND drugstore options for each! The best part? One-stop shopping! All these items are available at Ulta online or in store.


Using a face primer suited for your skin type will ensure your makeup has a good base to stick to, make whatever you put on top last all day and give your skin a smooth looking texture! Concentrate a pea-sized amount in the  t-zone: forehead, cheeks and chin.

High-end pick: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Drugstore pick: Maybelline Baby Skin Primer



Using concealer to brighten under the eyes (because college) and spot conceal any blemishes is a quick alternative to putting on a whole layer of foundation! Plus, it looks more natural!

High-end pick: Tarte Shape Tape

Drugstore pick: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind



This step is so important, especially for all my fellow oily-skin girls out there! Using a powder will set all the liquids you’ve put on and add a little more coverage if you want it! If not, stick to a translucent powder.

High-end pick: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Drugstore pick: NXY Stay Matte Not Flat, Rimmel Stay Matte



Filling in your brows shapes your face can turn an otherwise sloppy look something polished! There a few methods I use, but we’ll stick to the simplest (and quickest!) Tinted Brow Gel! All you do is run the wand through your brows! Just do it. Trust me.

High-end pick: Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel

Drugstore pick: NYX Tinted Brow Mascara



Adding a little mascara defines the eyes and adds to that “I’m awake” vibe. There’s a million options to choose from, and I’ve tested a lot of them! Here are my recommendations:

High-end pick: Benefit Roller Lash

Drugstore pick: L’oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise


Happy shopping and happy sleeping, friends!