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5 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Bedroom

Transitioning from high school to college means leaving your childhood bedroom behind –as well as all of your stuffed animals! Here are 5 simple ways to re-decorate your current bedroom at home, or your college apartment, in a sophisticated manner.

1. Change the wall color.

We all know that you love your preppy pink periwinkle bedroom walls, but the time has come to tone it down a bit. Paint your walls a neutral color such as beige, taupe, or gray, so it acts as a backsplash for your creativity.


2. Spice up your bedding.

Say goodbye to your flower printed quilt and fairy tail butterfly sheets from Pottery Barn Kids. It’s time to face the real world. Invest in a fluffy, white down duvet and give it some love with a bunch of decorative, colorful throw pillows.


3. Wall Décor

Instead of hanging life-size posters of your favorite singers and celebs, such as Justin Bieber and One Direction, order a boho tapestry piece from Urban Outfitters or Etsy. 


4. It’s Lit!

Say goodbye to your plug in nightlight from the fifth grade and hello to some sweet scented Yankee candles. You can even drape lights on the wall beside your bed or over your headboard.


5. Organize Space.

Since your no longer living in your parents house and have limited space in your dorm or apartment, it’s important to utilize the space you have to your best ability. Loft your bed and buy stacking shelves for easy, under-the-bed storage. 


Demetra Zuras is a Public Relations major at Auburn University with an interest in Journalism and Fashion Merchandising. Her future goals consist of moving to the big apple and working for Cosmopolitan. She's a chocoholic, shopping addict and football fanatic. WAR EAGLE! 
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