5 Date Ideas Around Auburn

You may have already tried the classic date ideas for around Auburn: picnic on Samford Lawn, dinner at Hamilton's, movies at the cinema, etc. Once you have exhausted these hot spots around town, you and your S/O may need some fresh new ideas. Here are a few of the things my partner and I like to do around Auburn, Alabama.

Antique Malls: Shopping in these quirky little stores can be hilarious and exciting. You will find anything from old Christmas decorations and vintage clothing to rare coins and fancy collectables. Angel's Antique and Flea Mall in Opelika opens its doors every day of the week and is rated in the Top 5 "Best Antique Malls in the South" by Lucky Magazine. You and your significant other will have a blast hunting for the most valuable thing and competing to see who can find the strangest item. My partner and I have started a little collection of things we found at various antique malls; each item holds a fun memory that I enjoy looking back on.


House hunting: Even if you are nowhere near the time to buy a house, driving around and looking at other houses can be exciting when you're with your significant other. See what you like, what you don't like, and what you both agree on. Once you get away from downtown Auburn and into the neighborhoods on the outskirts of town, you will be surprised to find that Auburn has some huge, gorgeous houses. The Fountainview Mansion (pictured below) is on the market at the whopping price of $4.35 million. Could you see yourself ever living here? This is a fun time to play pretend and imagine what the future will hold.


Game Night: If you and your partner enjoy competition, hold a game night between the two of you. Grab a deck of cards or a checkerboard and have a night in. Make things interesting and raise the stakes: loser buys dinner or winner gets a 10-minute foot rub. If you want to go out, AMF Auburn Lanes has specials 5 days a week. Go bowl for $2 Tuesdays, where games, shoes, and PBR beers are all just $2 each after 8pm. 

Outdoors: Chewacla State Park has mountain biking and hiking trails, plus an awesome lake that you can swim and canoe in. However, when your wallet says "no" to the $4 entrance fee, drive a little bit further to Tuskeegee National Forest. This beautiful forest is free of charge and is breathtakingly large. See if you can find the old fire tower—and if you can, are you able to climb to the top? I have also gone exploring off the beaten path through this forest with my boyfriend and have stumbled upon a river with a white sand beach. See what you and your partner can find!


Sports: While going to gameday with your date is classic, I also recommend trying out some new Auburn sports with your date. There are many sports besides football on the schedule! If you don't enjoy the weather outside, try attending a sport indoors, such as Gymnastics or Basketball. Plus, admission into these games is free for students, unlike the football games. See if you can attend at least one game for all 15 Auburn teams!

What do you and your partner enjoy doing around Auburn? Comment & let us know!