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5 Career Center Resources You Should Be Using


You’ve definitely seen Mary Martin Hall, but do you know just what wonders are held inside the probably ancient building? The Auburn University Career Center is one of the main departments housed in Mary Martin Hall.  As a senior, the job search has begun, and I have been amazed to find that the Career Center offers so many helpful resources. Here are a few that you, being a super smart collegiette, should take advantage of!


Practice your Interview Skills

Interviewing can sound pretty terrifying.  “What are they going to ask me? What do I say? How do I explain that class I dropped out of freshman year?”  The Career Center has counselors available to do a mock interviews with you how ever many times you need so that you can feel confident about landing your dream job! All you have to do is go to the website and schedule an appointment.


Resume and Cover Letter Help

Need help getting your resume to look professional? Just send your resume to eResume@auburn.edu with the subject line “Resume.” In 3 short days a career counselor will review your resume and email you back with any suggestions they may have.  Don’t want to wait that long? Take it by the Career Center during their walk-in hours, Monday through Friday 12 to 4pm, and they will gladly look over your resume and cover letter with you. 

Discovering Different Majors

Have you ever wondered “Sociology is interesting, but what can I do if I major in that?” The Career Center has a tab on their website titled “What can I do with a major in?” that gives you a table of over 80 majors and a very detailed description of the jobs applicable in that field. I found this to be a huge help when going through my “I have no idea what to do with my life” semester sophomore year. 

Part Time Job or Full Time Job

Tiger Recruiting Link (TRL) is where it’s at! This site lists all of the available jobs on campus and off campus for students looking for both part time and full time jobs.  You can even create your own page on TRL and upload your resume, and TRL will notify you when jobs that you qualify for become available. 

Talk to Someone

Sometimes you simply need an adult’s advice, and sometimes that adult needs to be someone other than your parents. The Career Center is equipped with awesome career counselors armed and ready to give you the advice you need.  Whether you are deciding on a major, changing your major, or unsure of what courses to take, meeting face to face with a career counselor can be greatly beneficial.  I met with a career counselor twice my sophomore year to take a career assessment test and to talk about the results.  My time was very well spent and helped guide me in the right direction. Go to walk-in hours, or make an appointment on their website right here


The Career Center has resources available that could make a tremendous difference in your life.  Whether you are searching for a full time job, or simply unsure about your major, Mary Martin Hall is where it’s at! 

Writer for the Auburn branch of Her Campus. Junior studying communication.
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