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4 Reasons to Be Thankful That You’re an Auburn Student

First off, do you not just feel so bad for anyone that is not an Auburn student? Because I definitely do. We are so extremely blessed to go to such an AUsome school and I know four reasons of thankfulness doesn’t cover the hundreds I could list, but it’ll do.

1. Sunsets, sunsets, sunsets

Yes, everywhere around the world you can see the sunset and the stars come out but, oh man, God definitely made sure Auburn students got the best view. There is just something about an AU sunset that calms the mind after a long day of sitting in class and studying. Plus, a tip of advice, make sure to snag a pic of Samford Hall during this time to make a killer new Facebook cover photo. It definitely won’t disappoint!


2. The Wellness Kitchen

There is no better place to swipe your TigerCard than at the glorious Wellness Kitchen. The food is mouthwatering and can range from good ole southern cooking to the best tacos you’ve ever had. Plus, as if the food isn’t enough, the music played there is on a whole new level. From Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” to “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne, you will never have a meal that isn’t accompanied by some bangers. The workers at the Wellness Kitchen often sing along and sometimes even dance (if they’re in a good mood) making any party seem boring.


3. Gamedays

Honestly, there is absolutely nothing like college gameday at Auburn University. Standing in Jordan-Hare never, ever gets old. Walking into the stadium and seeing the massive sea of orange and blue filling the stands, shakers flying back and forth through the air and Aubie doing his thing on the sidelines is enough to make us all feel overwhelmed with Auburn pride. But, when you hear the first beat of the music as the marching band’s hype video comes on, any exhaustion you had from a long day of tailgating is immediately erased from your body. It’s completely impossible to not have goosebumps by the time that video’s over. Then comes the moment when everyone’s eyes turn toward the sky as Spirit (get better soon Nova!) is released to soar through the stadium to midfield. Nothing is more incredible or patriotic than that. Then it’s game time and let’s face it, how could you not want to watch beautiful Jarrett Stidham grace the field. Oh, and don’t forget those Sunday mornings after a big win….no better feeling than seeing leftover rolls of success swaying from the trees.


4. The Auburn Family

If I haven’t convinced you yet that Auburn is something to be thankful for, there’s one thing that Auburn has that no college ever will. The Auburn family is a family like no other. When you hear The Auburn Family, it means people that will help you and love you when you’re down. It’s students that will ask you if you need help when you’re lost on campus (God bless you!). And its people that don’t care where you’re from or what your background is. That’s because as family members, we are always all in for each other all the time. Burn down or poison our trees and try to take away our traditions? Well, the jokes on you because things like that only bring our bond closer and our love for each other and school greater. Whether Auburn is four miles or, in my case, four hundred miles away from home, you know you will always have a family there. Now that is something to be thankful for.

Lily Haire

Auburn '21

Lily is a junior seeking a Marketing degree here at Auburn University. This is her third year with Her Campus and she LOVES it!  When she isn't studying hard and working on Her Campus, she enjoys jamming to music in the car, working as a staff member for the Glomerata, reading all things F. Scott Fitzgerald, eating peanut butter straight outta the jar, and watching Netflix. Some of her favorite things include sunsets, beaches, good food, and cuddling with her goldendoodle and german shepherd pups.
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