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3 Tips to Alleviating College Stress

In today’s society college students are said to be under the highest pressure. Moving away from one’s home, family and comfort zone is a big adjustment. One might even have a lot of expectations riding on them to succeed and excel academically or athletically. Not only is one reckoned to survive in all the called for studying, homework and tests, but one must also form a new social life as well. Making a totally fresh start in gaining a group of friends can seem overwhelming. The relationships students are accustomed to from back home are irreplaceable.  For this reason, it is understandable students may feel alone and isolated at times. This new chapter in life is an exciting one, but for some can also lead to jaw-dropping amounts of stress and anxiety. How do we cope? 


Stay Occupied:

Kind of like that advice you get when you’re going through a bad break-up right? Take your mind off it and stay busy! This is possibly the best approach in healing anything of a troubling nature. If moping and watching chick flicks is what came to mind, we can do better. All worries disappear by staying active. Immerse yourself with people who share similar goals. Nothing is more satisfying then recognizing a newfound passion. Start to envision yourself post graduation. Can you identify and relate to specific companies? Discover what organizations here on campus propose similar objectives. We are quick to forget about the privileges associated with the word “student.” The resources and tools we have access to while enrolled at Auburn aren’t permanent. Take full advantage of the opportunities provided to you as a student. Conduct research within your major on the events you can attend. Find a professional in your field who you can shadow or volunteer with. Assessing these career paths early on will answer any questions, as they pertain to your own direct experience. 



Ditch the Internet:

Staying socially connected is a top priority for most students. Whether its joining a sorority, a fraternity, an intramural sport, or even just a club they are passionate about, all students want to get involved in some way. In order to maintain these newly formed relationships, or even old ones, sites like Facebook and Twitter connect us. The world of the Internet is so massive that people communicate through all sorts of online media. However, with all technology there are always the pros and cons. Keeping in touch is one reason to use the Internet for, but do people really know about its addictive nature? A study held in California at the University of La Verne, found that 84 percent of college counselors “agree” or “strongly agree” that Internet Addiction Disorder is a legitimate disorder. Think about the amount of time you spend on the Internet outside of school-related assignments. What are you spending it on? Most likely, the energy you devote to sitting behind a computer screen, could be directed toward something more valuable. A big reason the Internet is so popular is because it allows us to escape ourselves for a moment. We scroll through the news feeds and hone in on somebody else’s problems. This can prevent us from dealing with our own emotions. Instead of surfing the web for a way to fill time, go for a run. Exercise is proven to lower symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety. It also contributes to an improved sleep life. Use your Internet purposes wisely and vent your emotions in a healthier manner. 



Sharpen Your Focus

As finals week rapidly approaches, don’t panic! We knew it’d be stealing our sunshine a long time ago. Remember that we are all in this together, collectively as a student body. No one has passed or graduated from Auburn without first facing the scary blue book or scantron. Start getting organized so you can look back knowing you did your best. If you don’t already own a planner, buy one. Marking the dates and times of your final projects and exams, means you’re halfway there. Next, you will want to prioritize. Decide on what can wait to be turned in as opposed to what needs your attention now. Work your social calendar around this list. Quit thinking about your awesome summer plans as they may easily distract you these last few weeks. If anyone knows the definition of procrastination, it’s college students. DVR your favorite TV shows and get on with it. Procrastinating will only increase your stress down the road. Review your plans for the day ahead of you, the night before. Try not to overwhelm yourself by cramming everything in one night. Fulfill your responsibilities on a day by day basis. If you are concerned with a grade, seek out help sooner than later. Most professors are willing to work with you as long as you don’t wait until the last week. Just buckle down and do what you need to do!






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Kimberly is a senior at Auburn University majoring in Public Relations. On the premise of interning with University Directories this summer, she is exploring her media and marketing interests. Kimberly stays involved on campus through her social sorority and PRSSA organization. After graduation she plans to pursue a career of journalism and advertising. As a native of Sarasota, Fl, she enjoys spending her time being active outdoors.
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