21 Things From Forever 21 To Cozy Up Your Home This Winter

Even though I hate the cold weather, I do enjoy some of the things it brings: warm blankets, cuddly pillows, hot chocolate and cute decorations. When I start changing up my wardrobe with my winter clothes, I also take the time to change up my home decorations. Finding the perfect cozy accessories for my apartment make it manageable, but also makes it harder to want to leave. While these cute pieces are all under $30, shop with caution: you'll be struggling to get out the door!


So Meow-gical Graphic Notebook $3.90

Available in purple/multicolored (pictured).


Cat Face Lunch Box $3.90

Available in grey/black (pictured).


Hello Lovely Metallic Notebook $5.90 (on sale for $2.11)

Available in rose (pictured).


OOLY Smitten Kitten Tape Measure $6.90 (on sale for $5.11)

Available in white/black (pictured).


Stationery Set $7.00 (on sale for $5.11)

Available in grey/white (pictured), red/multicolored or light pink.


Allergic to Morning Graphic Cup $7.90 (on sale for $6.11)

Available in silver (pictured).


Smile Face Tissue Box $7.90 (on sale for $4.11)

Available in blue for this style (pictured) and other colors for different faces.


Ceramic Panda Mug $7.90

Available in cream/black (pictured).


Unicorn Sticky Note Holder $8.90

Available in pink/multicolored (pictured).


Plush Dolphin Pillow $9.90

Available  in mint/white (pictured).


NPW Avocado Eraser & Sharpener $9.90

Available in green/brown (pictured).


House Memo Board $10.90

Available in white/brown (pictured).


Paladone Happy Cat Changing Mug $12.90 (on sale for $9.11)

Available in white/black (pictured).


Kikkerland Copper Photo Mobile $12.90

Available in gold (pictured).


Matte Bunny Mirror $14.90 (on sale for $5.11)

Available in white (pictured).

Geo Decorative Lights $14.90 (on sale for $5.11)

Available in silver (pictured).

Mustard Unicorn & Rainbow Lights $15.00

Available in pink/multicolored (pictured).


DecoFlair Honey Bourbon Candle $15.00

Available in black (pictured).


Ankit Go Away Glass Set $15.90 (on sale for $11.11)

Available in pink/multicolored (pictured).


Mouse Graphic Hooded Blanket $19.90

Available in pink/white (pictured).


Oopsy Daisy Camping Wall Decal $20.00 (on sale for $4.11)

Available in blue/multicolored (pictured).


Metallic Knit Throw $22.90

Available in grey/silver (pictured).


America & Beyond Pillow Case $24.00 (on sale for $8.11)

Available in pink/multicolor (pictured).


K & K Tabletops Floral Embroidered Pillow $25.00 (on sale for $18.11)

Available in white (pictured) or black.