21 Fall Date Ideas

Even though summer is my favorite season, I can't deny how nice the fall season is. Sweaters are in my top 5 favorite clothing items, pumpkin and apples are perfect for desserts and I'm a sucker for hot chocolate and apple cider. Plus, I'm lucky to live in a state that allows me to see the leaves change colors. The weather is unfortunately still stuck on "summer," but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy fall activities! Here's my list of fun and fall-themed date ideas for you and your significant other, or even for you and your girls!


1. Go to a Drive-in Movie

Drive-in movies sound so vintage since we're used to either watching at home or in a theater, but these are making a come-back. Some even show current movies or movies a few months old, so you can pay a lower price and still be caught up on the latest movies! While there are usually snack stands or mini restaurants, bring back some of the charm from the theater by sneaking in a few snacks (I won't tell!).


2. Visit a Pumpkin Patch and Carve a Pumpkin

I haven't met anyone who didn't enjoy the feeling of scooping out pumpkin "guts" and carving pumpkins. I love to indulge my inner child and carve cutesy designs into mine (my most recent carves were a smiley face and a tiara). It's even more satisfying when you get to pick our your own pumpkin (and no, I don't mean from Walmart). Pumpkin patches are novel treasures that we remember from school field trips, but why not go again? But learn from my mistakes and watch the ground for fire ant hills!


3. Pick Some Fruit

There really is something so satisfying about picking your own food, whether you grew it or not. It's also super fun to make an adventure out of it, like seeing who can pick the most or even carry the most. Once you get home, you can turn all your delicious rewards into yummy desserts to share with friends and family. Take a mini road trip to find the farms that grow anything you're looking for this season!


4. Walk in the Park

Since it won't be a million degrees at some point, that will be a great time to enjoy all the parks in Auburn! Whether you enjoy the weather or the changing leaves, there are all kinds of options depending on the park you visit. Take a hike at Chewacla or see some turtles in the pond at Town Creek after a picnic under the trees. Bring a camera (or just your phone) for some cute fall pictures for Instagram!


5. Go to a Farmer's Market

Similar to picking your own food, it can be so cool meeting the people who grew food for you! You can ask all kinds of questions and get to know all the time and energy spent into something you get to enjoy. Don't forget to thank them for what they do! Some farmer's markets have other fun things like food trucks or mini restaurants, activities or other neat vendors.


6. Build a Blanket Fort

Sometimes, you just have to say screw it and build a blanket fort to hide from all your responsibilities. College is stressful, so why not snuggle up with someone and try to pretend everything is fine? You can make them as elaborate as this one pictured, or just throw some blankets over a few chairs and grab some fluffy pillows. Put on a movie, make some cookies and you're all set for the best cuddle session!


7. Rake Leaves and Jump in Them

This may sound completely childish, but sometimes you have to indulge yourself. Grab some rakes and have a contest to see who can rake the biggest leaf pile before you completely demolish them. Don't have a yard to rake? Do a nice thing for a neighbor, friend or family member and rake their yard for real after you finish jumping into the leaves. They'll appreciate it, and you'll have nice memories!


8. Make an Apple or Pumpkin Dessert

There are so many delicious desserts you can make with these fall food staples, the possibilities are endless. Pies, cakes, cookies and others really get you in the fall mood with these flavors, and they're always a hit at parties or dinners. Two of my favorite recipes are for Pumpkin Cheesecake Lasagna and Caramel Apple Pie Cookies. Both have been huge hits with family and friends!


9. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

If you're lucky enough to find a cool corn maze, definitely do it! Have a competition to see who can get out the fastest, or try it as a couple and beat your friends. You can also just wander around and enjoy the twists and turns. Getting lost can be fun sometimes, especially when you're with someone sweet!


10. Find a Local Fair

Fairs and carnivals can be fun any time of the year, but they're a little more enjoyable when you're not sweating under the scorching sun. The amount of cute and fun things to do here are countless, like rides, games and yummy food. Hold onto each other for a scary rollercoaster, share a funnel cake in the shade, or win some cute stuffed animals for the other person. Don't forget to kiss at the top of the ferris wheel!


11. Host a Fall-themed Brunch

Brunch is my favorite meal since I love breakfast food but I'm too lazy to get up early. Much like desserts, so many recipes can be taken to the next level with fall flavors. Whether it's a brunch for two, or you invite your friends or other couples, brunch is a great way to get creative in the kitchen and spend quality time without leaving the house. Try this drool-worthy recipe for pumpkin French toast with whipped pumpkin butter


12. Face Your Fears in a Haunted House

I am probably the biggest scaredy cat in the entire world (I know children braver than me) so I can't see myself doing this, but if you're a brave soul this could be your thing! Haunted houses (or other haunted adventures) provide the easiest reasons to cuddle close and stick together, even if you aren't that scared. There are always plenty of haunted things once the end of the month comes around, so keep searching for the best one!


13. Have a Bonfire and Make S'mores

Ask my closest friends and they'll tell you I most likely have a s'mores obsession. I make them all the time, usually in the stove since fires require more work. But bonfires in the fall will work double duty in keeping you warm and providing you the best toasted (or burned) marshmallows! Find a perfect spot, grab some blankets and get creative with your s'mores. Add in all kinds of random sweets to truly make it unique!


14. Have a Hot Chocolate Cook Off

I'm a person who will drink hot chocolate any time of the year, but it's much better in the fall. My Pinterest is full of hot chocolate ideas to make it special and a big treat for me when I'm cold. With your significant other (or a big group of friends), compete to make the best hot chocolate creation. You'll need someone to judge, but how hard will it be to find someone for that? Loser has to clean all the dishes!


15. Take a Hay Ride

Spend some time snuggling on a hay ride! Similar to corn mazes in the way they're almost hard to find, definitely take advantage of the opportunity. They can be relaxing with a hot chocolate and blanket or scary with ghosts and goblins, but they're another easy way to cuddle close in public without being too much. 


16. Go Camping in the Backyard

As someone who has only been camping once, I realized I don't like sleeping outside in an unfamiliar place too much. But what if you can get that experience in your own backyard? I used to camp in the living room with my friends as a kid, so this is a step up from that if it seems too safe. Or if you're more adventurous, go somewhere farther away! A mini retreat with little to no cost is a win-win.


17. Find the Cutest Couple Costume Idea

Couples costumes are one of the only cute parts of Halloween (besides cute little kids)! I'm so in love with the idea, my own boyfriend and I did a 1920's theme together last year and hopefully will do another one together. Disney is a way to be cutesy, but if you're into more grown up themes, there are all kinds of famous couples from action, romance and scary movies that are easy to find or DIY!


18. Taste Test all the Yummy Fall Specials from Cafes and Bakeries

Starbucks is the queen of fall specials, with the reigning crowd favorite being the Pumpkin Spice Latte. A really fun and delicious idea is to go around to bakeries and cafes near you and test their fall specials. It could be all of them, their version of a PSL or any other kind of drink/treat you want. Give them each a ranking to use on future dates, and then start all over again with a new treat!


19. Go on a Day Trip and Enjoy the Fall Views

Car rides offer beautiful views of nature or cities, and the fall time is wonderful for the nature views. Imagine driving along roads filled with yellow, red and orange covered trees, listening to a fall playlist and drinking something warm with someone you love. Whether you're going to the next city over or taking a longer weekend trip, the views will be worth it!


20. Visit a Sunflower Field

You've seen all those gorgeous girls on Instagram posing with beautiful sunflowers, and you can be one too (but you're already gorgeous FYI)! Some pumpkin patches, farmers markets or fairs have sunflowers fields as well for the perfect pictures. If you can convince your significant other to take pics of you or with you, you're all set!


21. Go to an Auburn Football Game

Is it really fall time if you don't go to an Auburn football game? These can be the most amazing dates ever if you both like sports, or you can just go for the food and atmosphere. Tailgating is also a fun aspect whether you like football at all. Show some school pride with your love and when we win, go roll Toomer's! War Eagle!