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2 Chainz Causes Waves at Auburn Airwaves

Auburn University’s University Program Council (UPC) held its annual Auburn Airwaves concert last Monday, September 18, in the Auburn Arena. The largely anticipated main act was 2 Chainz, and The Score and We the Kings performed as openers. Auburn University students could buy tickets for $16, while the concert was also open to the public at $43 per ticket. Upon arrival, each concert goer was given a wristband that illuminated various colors in synch with the beats of the music, which added a unique and fun element. The concert was not nearly as crowded as I expected, but nonetheless the crowd was incredibly energetic and enthusiastic by the time 2 Chainz, who sported a wheelchair due to a broken leg, arrived on stage. I reached out to Auburn students to hear their opinions regarding the concert, their favorite 2 Chainz songs, and their overall experiences.

Jordan, an avid 2 Chainz fan, said, “It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite song because they’re all wonderful, but if I had to it would be ‘Riverdale’ from the Pretty Girls Love Trap Music album. The concert was absolutely AMAZING! I honestly felt like I already knew 2 Chainz before he got on stage. His music speaks volumes and accurately portrays not only who he is as an artist, but better yet, as a person! There aren’t many words to describe his relaxed, genuine, and authentic nature. And let’s not forget how LIT he is.”

Connely, a junior said, “It was a really good concert. I loved the songs from his new album, but I feel like the concert could’ve been advertised more, because there was not a lot of people there.”

Sydney, a sophomore who was drawn in by the affordable tickets and the chance to see 2 Chainz, said, “He put on a great show even in a wheel chair and he killed ‘It’s a Vibe’.”

Hannah, a junior said, “He put on an amazing performance and really got the crowd excited.”

Allison, a sophomore whom I met at the concert said, “I literally had so much fun at the concert! I almost didn’t go because I had a big project due the next morning at 8 a.m. that still wasn’t finished, but I realized seeing 2 Chainz would probably not be an opportunity that would come around again anytime soon. So, I had to go and it was totally worth it!”

Claire, a junior said, “It was seriously so much fun! He was in a wheelchair so I didn’t expect him to be so involved with the crowd, but he had so much energy and didn’t let it stop him! I think my favorite part was when he sang ‘It’s a Vibe’ and he had a church choir on stage with him. I also got to meet him after and he was super friendly.”

At the end of the concert, 2 Chainz left the audience with parting words of wisdom. He stated that if he can perform a concert while in a wheelchair, that we can get out of bed and go to work, attend class, and study to achieve our goals, graduate, and become successful. In the words of 2 Chainz, “Truuuuuu.”

Sarah Grace is currently a Junior studying Accountancy at Auburn University. She is the treasurer of Her Campus Auburn. Her hobbies include exploring the outdoors, jigsaw puzzles, and gardening.
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