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100 “Auburn-y” Things to do Before you Graduate

Auburn is full of so many amazing places to see and things to do, so you don't want to leave the Loveliest Village on the Plains without trying at least some of these! Make sure you make the most of your time here at Auburn, because it won't always last and you'll want the memories to go with you wherever you go.

  1. Take pictures on Samford Lawn.
  2. Eno on Samford Lawn.
  3. Eat Steel City popsicles on Samford Lawn.
  4. Go to an Auburn Men’s Basketball game and get there early enough to sit in the student section.
  5. Go support the Women’s Basketball Team.
  6. Go to an equestrian meet.
  7. Get lunch from the Amsterdam Food truck on campus.
  8. Go to Amsterdam Café for brunch on Sunday.
  9. Take a snapchat selfie of you drinking Toomer’s Lemonade.
  10. Take a selfie with the Toomer’s Oaks.
  11. Pop a bottle of champagne in front of the Auburn sign for your grad photos.
  12. Pet someone’s dog on the concourse.
  13. Start “Bodda Getta” in the middle of a crowd.
  14. Volunteer at Lee County Humane Society and play with the dogs there.
  15. Share a pitcher of margaritas with your best friend at Taco Mama.
  16. Eat at every restaurant on campus (instead of just Chick-Fil-A everyday).
  17. Go to a baseball game.
  18. Get a picture with Aubie proposing to you.
  19. Climb the rock wall at the rec.
  20. Sun tan at the rec pool with your girls.
  21. Buy yourself something nice from Behind the Glass.
  22. Walk to class instead of taking the bus.
  23. Rent an Auburn bike (even if you aren’t the best bike rider in town).
  24. Go hiking in Chewacla for real, not just for the instagram.
  25. Have a picnic at the Big Red Barn.
  26. Say “hey” to a football player.
  27. Buy food for the person behind you with your Tigercard.
  28. Visit the infamous Sky Bar cafe.
  29. Attend bingo at Moe’s BBQ on Monday nights.
  30. Pull an all nighter at RBD.
  31. Have a pizza delivered to RBD.
  32. Visit the new Sing Sing Karaoke place on Opelika Road.
  33. Grab a smoothie bowl from the new Skyline Café in downtown Auburn.
  34. Visit Ross House coffee.
  35. Get a cinnamon roll from The Bean.
  36. Nap on the Greenspace.
  37. Picnic on the Greenspace.
  38. Take a walk in Town Creek Park.
  39. Take pictures with your besties at the silos.
  40. Spend the night with your best friend after a movie night.
  41. Have a sleepover at a friend’s house after studying all night together.
  42. Go to Waffle House at 1 am.
  43. Go to Little Italy’s at 1 am.
  44. Take your parents to Sky Bar.
  45. Eat at the new Cookout (and be sure to get a milkshake).
  46. Go to a gymnastics meet.
  47. Eat your lunch on Cater Lawn.
  48. Attend callouts on Cater Lawn (for yourself or to support a friend).
  49. Avoid the seal at all costs.
  50. Cry over Auburn football.
  51. Collect and save shakers from every Auburn football game.
  52. Attend an Auburn Airwaves concert.
  53. Study (or nap) in the quiet section of the Student Center.
  54. Quote the Auburn Creed in an English essay.
  55. Recite the Auburn Creed by heart.
  56. Scream “War Eagle” at the high schoolers touring the campus.
  57. Go to the movies in Tiger Town.
  58. Try the different kinds of bourbon at The Hound.
  59. Go to The Hound on your birthday to get free bread pudding.
  60. Volunteer at Story Book Farms (or anywhere really) through IMPACT.
  61. Tour the Coliseum.
  62. Tour Samford’s clock tower.
  63. Take a trip to downtown Opelika to switch it up.
  64. Go inside every building on Auburn’s campus.
  65. Grab a crepe at Crepe Myrtle Café (and get a picture of the roaming chickens).
  66. Go to the petting zoo that is randomly on the Green Space.
  67. Find a gift for someone at Wrapsody.
  68. Check out the new popcorn shop in downtown Auburn.
  69. Take a picture with the “War Eagle” and “Go Tigers” wall in downtown Auburn.
  70. Visit the LocAL Market inside J&M bookstore.
  71. Go to the farmers market in Opelika on the weekends.
  72. Find the secret underground tunnels in Auburn (if you’re brave enough).
  73. Try every milkshake flavor at Cheeburger Cheeburger.
  74. Get the corn nuggets from Niffer’s.
  75. Go to bingo nights at 1716.
  76. Go to every BBQ restaurant and figure out which one is the best.
  77. Call the Foy desk and ask them how many bricks it took to build the entire campus.
  78. Get a picture with Bruce Pearl.
  79. Get a picture with Gus Malzahn.
  80. Get Alumni merch from the Auburn Bookstore.
  81. Tour the football locker room and the stadium Friday’s before games.
  82. Storm the football field after an amazing win (Iron Bowl 2017, I’m looking at you)!!!
  83. Tour the Auburn Athletics Jonathan Bell Lovelace museum at the arena.
  84. Take a trip to the Auburn Escape Room with all your friends.
  85. Take a trip to the Arboretum.
  86. Visit the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art.
  87. Walk the Kiesel Park trails with your dog.
  88. Attend Auburn CityFest, the arts and crafts festival in April.
  89. Dance with the guys at Smooth N’ Groove while you wait on your smoothie.
  90. Get an ice-cream sandwich at Toomer’s Corner.
  91. Treat yourself to a nice dinner at The Depot.
  92. Have a wine night at Avondale.
  93. Go to Tiger Walk.
  94. Have fun at the Lee County Fair in the fall.
  95. Order your cap and gown with your best friends in Haley.
  96. Buy a confetti popper to pop on Samford Lawn for your grad pics.
  97. Get a Tiger Paw cookie from Mylks Cookies (seriously best cookie ever.)
  98. Go to “Football Fans and Feathers” at the Southeastern Raptor Center to meet Spirit and Nova.
  99. Join the kayaking adventure club.
  100. Be super proud of yourself for graduating!! And try not to cry too hard when it’s time to leave the Loveliest Village on the Plains.

War Eagle!!!

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