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10 Times Blair Waldorf Was All Of Us

Hello Upper East Siders. Can you believe it’s been ten years since Gossip Girl aired on television? Because I can’t! Ten years since Gossip Girl posted that Serena got off the train at Grand Central. 

I thought I would celebrate this anniversary with the ten times Blair Waldorf was literally all of us and said what we were thinking.

1. The time she went to Paris and looked so chic carrying six designer shopping bags in her arms.

2. The time she told Dan and Serena exactly how she felt about their relationship. 

3. The time she “Blairified” her school uniform and never got in trouble for it.

4. The time Serena came back from boarding school, and Blair kindly told her she could not come to her party.

5. The time she would give just one look and you know what she’s really thinking.

6. The time she said this iconic line.

7. The time when she called out a potential minion’s outfit.

8. That time she rocked any headband.

9. That time she was planning to do some retail therapy. 

10. And finally, when she finally got a tiara to truly show she’s Queen B

Gossip Girl is still on Netflix! So start binge watching it now, before it’s gone.

Xoxo JG.


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