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Your Last Month of College: Expectations vs. Reality

1. Expectation: School will get easier towards the end.


Reality: You still have to pull all-nighters during finals week.


2. Expectation: Professors will go easy on you.


Reality: They will go HAM on you because you are now highly-educated and they expect more. 


3. Expectation: All of your friends are ready to move on and lead successful lives.

Reality: Nobody really knows what they are doing.


4. Expectation: You and your friends can easily reunite together after you graduate.

Reality: All of your friends end up on the opposite side of the country and you are too poor to visit each other.


5. Expectation: Graduation will be super exciting and stress-free just like everyone has been telling you it would be! 


Reality: You have fifteen family members coming into town to see you graduate, then you have a week left with your closest friends until you separate until who knows when….cue complete emotional breakdown. 

Senior at ASU! Graduating with a BA in English Literature. 22 years young :)
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