Your Camila Cabello Jam Based On Your Astrological Sign

Camila Cabello recently released her album, Camila, on January 12, 2018. Since then, I have been jamming to every single song.

Here are the songs off Cabello’s album you should have on repeat based on your horoscope!

Aquarius: January 20- February 18; “HAVANA”

You are original, independent, and you love to hang out with friends. This is why ‘Havana’ is your song. This fun, sexy, and upbeat jam will have you dancing the night away with your girlfriends as you shake your hips while screaming the lyrics on the top of your lungs.

Pisces: February 19- March 20; “CONSEQUENCES.”

A Pisces is compassionate, intuitive, gentle, and wise, much like Cabello’s, “Consequences.” This soft, emotional, and heartwarming song will get you, Pisces, in all the feels. So kick back, relax, and let Cabello’s voice take your emotions over.  

Aries: March 21- April 19; “INTO IT”

You are determined, confident, optimistic, and you love to be independent. Cabello’s sultry song, “Into It,” is all about being bold. You will feel on top of the world if you put this jam on while getting ready with your girlfriends before a night out, especially with the first line sung, “I’m not a psychic but I see myself all over you.”

Taurus: April 20- May 20; “I HAVE QUESTIONS”

You are reliable, patient, and responsible. However, you are also deeply romantic which is why Cabello’s song, “I Have Questions,” is your number one go too. Although this hit single wasn’t explicitly on Cabello’s newly released album, (it came out a few months prior to the album dropping), it still is able to capture you in all the feels. Cabello sings a series of questions asking her ex-lover why he broke her heart. The song captures your emotions and plays with your heartstrings- the lyrics became almost all too real if you have ever had your heart broken, Taurus.

Gemini: May 21- June 20; “IN THE DARK”

You are loving, gentle, curious, and you have the ability to easily connect with others. Your Cabello song is, “In the Dark.” You always see the best in people and have an art of peeling back people’s layers. Although this soft pop song has a somewhat repetitive tune, it has an overall good message. You Gemini, will be appealed to that.

Cancer: June 21- July 22; “REAL FRIENDS”

You are emotional, loyal and sympathetic. “Real Friends,” is your Cabello jam because she sings about the honesty of trying to find truthful friends like you, Cancer. This fun sing along tune is a must for a road trip this spring break. So turn it up loud and sing your heart out!

Leo: July 23- August 22; “SHE LOVES CONTROL”

Dear Leo, you are creative, passionate, and dominate. You love to be admired and in control of a situation. Hence why, “She Loves Control,” is your song. Cabello sings, “No, she doesn’t go to the bar… Too many lovers she’s scarred and they want her back.” This song is all about feeling empowered, sexy, and well, in control. You Leo, are all of these traits.

Virgo: August 23- September 22; “SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE”

You are loyal, kind and hardworking. Even in your relationships you are conscientious, which is why you relate to Cabello’s song, “Something’s Gotta Give.” This soothing, powerful, and touching song will touch every emotion in your body. Cabello’s chorus is heartful as she sings, “Something's gotta give, something's gotta break, but all I do is give and all you do is take, something's gotta change, but I know that it won't, no reason to stay, is a good reason to go.”

Libra: September 23- October 22; “INSIDE OUT”

You Libra, are gracious, cooperative and a social butterfly. Cabello sings about loving all parts of her lover in the song, “Inside Out,” and you, Libra, love to do just the same. Cabello even brings together her Miami spice and Cuban heritage and sings a few verses in Spanish! This song will definitely have you bobbing your head to the enjoyable, whimsical, and cheerful tune!

Scorpio: October 23- November 21; “NEVER BE THE SAME”

Brave, passionate, and stubborn are the true traits of a Scorpio. In this passionate love song, Cabello sings about how she has not been the same because of the positive affection her lover gives. She shows off her vocals in the song by hitting beautiful high notes and then enters powerfully into her chorus with the message, that she will, “Never Be The Same.” Scorpio, you will love the way Cabello sings with all her heart!

Sagittarius: November 22- December 21; “ALL THESE YEARS”

You are generous, loving, and independent; which is why this sensual, emotional, and poignant song will have you in touch with your emotions. A beautiful rhythm and story Cabello tells about seeing her lover after, “All These Years,” will make you picture yourself seeing someone you once loved, (and are potentially still in love with), after so many years apart.

Capricorn: December 22- January 19; “CRYING IN THE CLUB”

You are responsible, have good self control, and love the quality of any type of art. Your song, “Crying In The Club,” is about self discipline and power. Although this song was released as a single, it became increasingly popular very quickly because of its upbeat, seductive and sultry tune. So sing along, Capricorn, because tonight is your night in the club!