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Why is no one talking about Meghan Trainor’s new EP “The Love Train”?

With the album's release so close to Valentine’s  Day, it kind of got washed away. The EP titled “The Love Train” is explained by Meghan Trainor as her “love story told in six songs”,  with her now husband Daryl Sabara.


Now I don’t know about you, but despite not wanting to get married anytime soon,  I can appreciate a good love song when I hear it. With the soft melody and sweet lyrics, this song melts your heart.  

My favorite lyric from the song is,

“And they say, "Keep your heart safe /But I can't, I can't wait, no”

I appreciate this lyric because of its relatability. Once you have gotten your heart broken it is hard to open up in the same way again even if you really like someone and would like to give them a chance.

At a certain point, you can’t wait anymore. It sucks getting your heart broken but it also sucks not taking the chance to let yourself be happy with someone.

Now speaking of being open to relationships, let’s talk about another song on her EP “The Love Train”  titled “I’m Down.”

This song I adore because it’s about taking a chance with someone.  We see this in the lyric:

“Don't you think it's time we cross that lover's line?/ Baby, say you'll be mine/ If you're up for it, I'm all yours now/ If you're up for it, I'm down”

This lyric reminds me a lot of when I see fellow collegiettes develop feelings for their best guy friends. It can be difficult to decide to “cross the lover’s line”  for fear that you may lose someone in your life who you really care about and is important to you.

Imagine it this way: your relationship with that guy is a yellow light because you aren’t at a red light or just friends, and you aren’t at a green light and dating. You have feelings that haven’t yet been acted on, so you’re stuck at a yellow light so to speak.

Don’t fret if you’re in this situation, this is common with a lot of ladies and you aren’t the only one.

I’d like to think that relationships involve taking leaps of faith. Sometimes you’ve gotta just go for it. This is seen in  Meghan Trainor's music video “I’m Down” where iconic scenes from various films show people taking the leap of faith and sharing their first kiss. I think this is really sweet because it symbolizes crossing the “lover's line” that she speaks about in the song.


The last song on her EP that I’d  like to mention is “Foolish.” From the start of the song, I was hooked. Honestly, my favorite part of the whole song is the opening lyrics.

“I was like,  ‘Hi, nice to meet ya/ I could see me in your T-shirt/ I could hear love from the speakers.’”

I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in feelings that develop over time and the initial crush/butterflies you get when you first meet someone so I can see where she is coming from in the opening lyrics.



I think butterflies can make you do silly things when you’re wearing rose-tinted glasses and this lyric targets the feeling of a “fools’ rush”.


“Uh, they say that fools rush in/ But I, oh I, I wanna be foolish with you”


The lyric is obviously a nod to Elvis Presley’s single “Can’t  Help Falling In Love.” I personally really appreciated the overlapping themes between the two songs of falling in love with someone. In Presley's single, one of the lyrics goes


“When we met, I felt my life begin/ So open up your heart and let/ This fool rush in.”


Personally, I think there is an undeniable connection between falling in love at first sight and feeling like a fool because of that.


It’s okay to feel like a fool sometimes, because if you’re with someone that makes you happy and loves you “all the ways”, then you’ve got something truly special.


Angel Jimenez studies Journalism at Arizona State University with a minor in Studio Art. She is passionate about storytelling and pays great attention to her work. Angel's other hobbies include creating art. In her free time, she loves to drink a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with her friends.
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