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When in Doubt Sport Red on Your Pout

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ASU chapter.

As in fashion, beauty trends are cyclical. For instance, every fall people look for vampy lipsticks and every summer people search for the perfect BB cream with built-in SPF. However, there are a few makeup items that are essentials for every season: mascara, blush and the classic red lip.

According to Rue Daily, lipstick and especially red lipstick can be traced as far back as ancient Mesopotamia where women would use crushed gems to decorate their lips. Cleopatra was even known to apply a mixture of carmine beetles and ants to her lips for her signature red lip. Luckily, we don’t have to buy expensive gems or crush bugs onto our lips because in the 16th century Arab cosmetologist, Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi created what we now know as lipstick. But since those days there are now many different products that achieve anything from a subtle red lip with a lip stain to a bright red lip with some matte lipstick.

Here are some steps to help achieve the perfect red pucker.

  1. Be sure to exfoliate your lips. Having smooth lips is important when applying any lip product especially if it is matte. Exfoliating helps the lip color not settle into the dry cracks of your lips. A combination of a lip scrub and lip moisturizer will help you achieve smooth lips.
  2. If you decide to do a bold red lipstick and not a stain or gloss be sure to apply lip liner. Lip liner prevents your red lipstick from feathering and gives is lasting power. If you can’t find the exact shade of red lip liner try a nude lip liner that matches your natural lip color instead.
  3. Pick a shade of red that works well with your skin tone. Blue-based (cool) reds work well with pale to medium complexions, while orange-based (warm) reds look best with olive and dark skin tones. There are reds that are neither blue nor orange-based, those typically deep burgundy reds work well for all skin tones.  

Do you have a favorite red lip product? Share it with us below in the comments section.


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