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What’s Your Body Type: The Swimsuit Edition

Even though spring just began, it already feels like summer! Only in Arizona, am I right? That means no more early classes, cramming in late night study sessions, or hearing our professor’s ramble on about who knows what. But the best thing about summer is relaxing at the beach and getting a much needed tan. Since finding the perfect bikini is essential for summer, take a look at these five swimsuits that will compliment your body and give you that great look.



If you have a petite frame, I suggest a side-tie suit that will make your legs look crazy long. The ties will give the illusion of having elongated legs. Just pair the bottoms with a cute top, and you’ll be good to go! Check out this colorful set from Forever 21.


Pear Shaped

If you’re looking to draw the eye upward from your pear shaped figure, this is the swimsuit for you! Evening out the bust with a padded top and underwire will add a little umph to your shape. Check out this Juliet swimsuit here.


Full Figured

Your full figure will look even curvier with ruching done around your stomach. This will smooth out the bumpy spots and give you that hourglass look!


Long and Lean

A pair of high-waisted bottoms and matching (or mismatching) top will make you look fashionable in this pinup style. This boyish look will make you feel feminine and balance out your lean shape. To see similar swimsuits click here.



For those with breasts on the bigger side, a top with an underwire and boned sides will help keep your ladies in place! Click here for similar styles.

Caroline Ortiz is currently a senior at Arizona State University majoring in English Literature with a minor in Film and Media Production. She co-founded the ASU Her Campus branch at her university in the spring of 2013 and is very happy to be a part of the Her Campus team! Apart from being involved with Her Campus, she is the Chief of Staff for ASU's Programming and Activities Board (PAB), a student run organization that strives to give their student body the best Sun Devil experience, Secretary of Las Hermanas of the Hispanic Mother Daughter Program, a club striving to provide a supportive and encouraging environment to University Latinas, a Trendspotter for MTV Insights, and was previously a Cosmopolitan Magazine Campus Representative! When she is not busy studying Literature (which requires reading endless amounts of Norton Editions) participating in PAB, Las Hermanas or crewing for a film, she enjoys her time off reading YA novels, magazine, shopping and brainstorming new and exciting things for HC ASU. Her ultimate goal is to move to a metropolitan city and become an Editor-in-Chief for a publishing house or crewing for a feature film!
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