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What Type of Mill Ave Partier Are You?

The Light Weight


You get to your friend’s house to pregame before a great night out on Mill. You take a shot immediately with all your friends. It has been a whole two minutes. Why don’t I feel anything? Better take another. Second shot down and after ten minutes you recognize your buzz. As the pregame comes to an end after about 45 minutes, you have had about 3 shots and feeling GREAT! Drunk? No way. A 10 minute cab ride to El Hefe and you stumble out of the cab. Typical excuses such as you didn’t eat enough dinner or you drank too fast won’t work this time. You are officially the lightweight.


The Screamer


Every group has that girl (or three) that just can’t stop screaming when alcohol enters their system. A few shots in and EVERYTHING is exciting. She sees a friend she hasn’t seen in a whole week? “OMG!” Every time her favorite song comes on in the club (which is practically every song), what does she do? Screams. The screamer seems overly joyous all evening, but don’t let this fool you. Screaming can be bad too. Very bad. One too many shots and she’s screaming at anyone who rubs her the wrong way.


The Bottle Popper


Who wants to wait in line every time they want a drink? If you’re the person who can’t go out unless a table with bottle service is booked, then you are the Bottle Popper. You love having the same beautiful girl tending to you and your friends all night and having a place to chill out is an absolute must. Bottle Poppers love attention and would mark ‘turning up’ as a hobby on a survey.


The Crier


We’ve all had that night, you’ve been super stressed out but doing a good job at holding in your emotions. After finishing a margarita or two, the tequila decides it’s no longer time to cover up the sadness. Waterfalls come pouring out of your eyes for absolutely no reason at all. You just can’t seem to get through to anyone that you are sad and don’t know why. If you are a crier, make sure to pack some tissue next time you go to Sixth Street on Mill Avenue.


The Model


Do you secretly go out just to get photos of you and your friends? I’m not talking about the girls who want to take a few pictures throughout the night. The Model Partier is the girl that fixes her makeup and or hair every time she is about to get her picture taken. She takes about 100 throughout the night and they all look the same. If you just had to check your photo album on your phone, then yes, that’s you.


The Frat Guy


 Neon tank? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Muscle Milk? Check. The three items any frat guy takes with him before leaving the house – yes, even to Mill Avenue. If you only wear obnoxiously bright neon tanks, hangout with the same group of guys and love to boisterously yell ASU chants then yes, this is you. Don’t worry though; we respect you guys. ASU frats have the reputation of handling quite a bit of alcohol.

I am a hard worker and determined to get where I want in life. I am your typical girly-girl, I love pink and my favorite animal is an elephant! I am a junior at Arizona State University majoring in Journalism with a focus on PR. I have been modeling with FORD RBA since the age of five and absolutely fell in love with the Fashion & Beauty industry at a young age. I know exactly what I what in life and happy with the person I am becoming. I love my family more than I could ever explain & my friends have truly helped me get to where I am today. :)
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