What the Hoechlin?

This week’s campus celebrity (literally) is the stud Tyler Hoechlin!

I used to be an avid 7th Heaven fan and Hoechlin’s Martin Brewer was the crush of my pre-teen self. I’ve only grown to love him more as the years have passed. He’s now a star in the hit MTV show “Teen Wolf”! He plays the brooding werewolf, Derek Hale.

I can honestly say that I’m a fan girl, but celebrity stalking has never been my forte. I don’t know my favorite celebs’ birthdays, their favorite colors, and I have no interest in what they ate for dinner last night. So when I managed to stumble across an old interview on KTLA with Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin about their show, I was a tad flabbergasted to hear him say that he’d played baseball at ASU. 

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Just look at that face. I could stare into his eyes forever. And let's not talk about the fact that he's the sweetest and most adorable man on the face of the planet. Gosh, Brittany Snow is a lucky gal! But then again, Hoechlin is a lucky dude, because Brittany Snow. My allegiance was to Hoechlin first, but Brittany Snow has been on my girl crush list since she was in Hairspray. 

Anyway, I took the time to do some in-depth research and was able to find his player bio on the Sun Devil Athletics website. Hoechlin was a student at Arizona State University in 2007. He played infield for ASU and the Battlecreek Bombers.  He majored in film, but because of conflicts with his 7th Heaven filming schedule, he transferred to UC Irvine in California. Hoechlin continued to play infield for UC Irvine, but he eventually had to choose between acting and baseball. He was voted as No. 3 on the BuddyTV's "Sexiest Men of 2011" list.

Let’s all collectively weep over the fact that he was here only two years before I stepped foot on this college campus. 

Since, I’d already creeped substantially—I took the time to follow up my lead. I have a video of the human ball of manly sunshine that is Tyler Hoechlin in ASU gear. I am not ashamed to say that I think it’s a good look for him. There aren't many pictures of Hoechlin as a Sun Devil, but there are plenty of delicious ones of him playing as a UC Irvine Anteater.  I will forever be bitter that there aren't many of him as a Sun Devil, but such is life. 

I even found out that he’d attended a home opener here at ASU back in 2010, which means that he was here on campus during my sophomore year. Missed opportunities are everywhere! Ugh.

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So, let’s all revel in the deliciousness that is Tyler and think about what life would’ve been like if he’d stayed here. HE WOULD’VE BEEN HERE UNTIL I WAS A SOPHOMORE. Asjrjebregfgkdlkg! But then there would be no Derek Hale, and that’s a sacrifice that the world just isn’t willing to make.

I wish Hoechlin all the best in his work! We’ll meet someday.

Most likely when I go to the Teen Wolf panel at San Diego Comic con this summer.

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