What do your most used emojis say about your mood?

What would a text conversation be without emojis? Not a whole lot, that’s for sure. Emojis have become integral to chatting and online culture today. iPhones even have this great feature that allows you to easily access the emojis you have been using the most often. If you use your cellphone as often as most college students, these frequently used emjois can offer helpful hints about how you’ve been feeling lately.

1. Heart Eyes 

Congrats! You’re probably in a happy relationship, and a happy mood!


2. Crying and Laughing 

You’re in a happy, silly mood! Keep up the positive vibes.


3. Content 

Things are going well for you. Life is smooth sailing!


4. Crying 

You may be feeling down lately. Don’t let it ruin your week!


5. Devil 

You’re a Sun Devil showing your school pride! If this isn’t somewhere in your recent emojis, you’re doing it wrong!