We Asked Some Girls What They Want For Valentine's Day

What would you like to receive for Valentine’s Day? We went around the Arizona State University Tempe Campus and asked some girls this question! 

1. A Couple Of People Really Liked Chocolates.

Interdisciplinary studies major, (Film and History), Alexis Moore said: “I honestly just think they’re the best commercial product to come out of this day - a mysterious box full of my favorite thing? Yes please.”

Elementary education major, Grace Williams, said she would also like to receive chocolates this Valentine’s Day. Her favorite chocolate is ‘crunch bars’. “Those are really good,” she said.

2. Someone Get This Girl A Boyfriend!

Psychology major and freshman, Cassie Collins: “Something I want to receive for Valentine’s Day would probably be a boyfriend.” Anything that a guy can do to win your heart? She replied: “Be a gentleman, but not clingy.”

3. Date Night In

Sonia Rivera, a senior majoring in communications, said that her perfect Valentine’s Day would involve a nice dinner and some flowers. 

“I don’t expect a gift. Just a nice time would do. A home-cooked meal or something,” she said.

4. Flowers Are Still Your Best Bet. 

Maya Parkinson, a freshman majoring in biomedical sciences, said flowers are the go-to. Especially roses!

Don’t forget the card! Katie, a senior, majoring in biology said that she would like to receive a card together with flowers.

5. Cards And Notes Of Appreciation

Jenna Tonnemacher, who is a graduate student, said she would like to receive, “A note of appreciation, or a thoughtful word of encouragement...Probably [from] friends and family, and just what they think of me, my value to them,” she said.

6. Don’t Forget Your Friends And Family

McKyla Beuttler, a freshman majoring in electrical engineering, said, “I would like love from my friends and family.” Spending Valentine’s with your friends and family? Perhaps you can hang out over brunch with for Valentine’s Day.

7. Not Everyone Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Kat, another senior majoring in biology, said that she did not celebrate Valentine’s Day. “It’s not a big deal for me, so I don’t want to receive anything in particular.”

8. What Our Followers say

We also posted the question to our Instagram page, and this is what our followers said:

@katie_lesliee remembered a moment, “When one of my guy friends sent me roses from overseas to my high school!” Talk about romantic!

@meredithleggero said, “The heart-shaped chocolate cake from Portillo’s”. I wouldn’t blame her, those cakes look delicious!

Our sisters at @hercampusemerson said: “Any giant stuffed animal is always the best!”

While @hercampusmillersville says “Candy is always awesome!”

What would you like to receive for Valentine’s Day? Tell us in a comment below!