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*Warning*: Beauty Standards May Be Exceptionally High

We’ve all grown into some routine that conforms to the standards of beauty today. The newest craze never fails to draw our attention. Whether it be ‘FitTea’, or ‘Skims’, all of these products aim to do one thing: feed on our insecurities. Insecurities are formed by expectations, and expectations are bred by society. These expectations are continually reinforced by platforms such as social media, television, magazines and more. Though we may try to ignore them, often times we don’t realize how our actions are affected by these festering insecurities. The following steps will help quell modern-day insecurities.

Put the phone down:

Though this advice may be way overstated, it’s truly the best advice for the soul. When you don’t feed into the expectations that social media outlines for us, you feel more whole. You’re not comparing your body to hers, and you’re not left searching for ways to flatten that beautiful tummy of yours!

Put sticky notes on your mirror:

 Now, by no means am I telling you to cover up that beautiful reflection, just outline it with words of affirmation! Literally surround yourself with positivity. If you write a couple of kind words about yourself on a sticky note and attach it to your mirror, you’ll find yourself smiling back at that pretty reflection. You have to remind yourself of your worth every day!

Don’t look for validation in others:

Too many times we may find ourselves wishing for validation from others. One day we may feel beautiful, and hope that others confirm that for us. When we don’t receive these validating words from others, we may begin to doubt what we originally felt. I’m asking you to hold onto that confidence you had when you walked out the door. Your beauty is not a parking pass and it definitely does not need to be validated.

Find a self-care routine —  and stick to it:

Say you decide that every Friday you’ll run a bubble bath and do a face mask. Amazing! Now just remember to hold to that. You are your own best friend, and would you bail on your bestie? No. Remember not to bail on yourself. 

Your beauty is not quantifiable and a certain amount of likes cannot define it! Remember to avoid comparisons, and choose love. When you love yourself, it shows and that reinforces your beauty a hundred times over. So go write yourself some love notes, or run a giant bubble bath – either way, remember the importance of dedicating time and appreciation to yourself.

Madison Andrade is a senior studying Political Science at Arizona State University. Her favorite pastimes are reading, playing piano and rough-housing with her Great Dane puppies! She aspires to make a positive change in one person's life, every day. If you have any questions for Madison, feel free to email her at: [email protected]
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