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On Valentine’s Day, being single is just another year of being depressingly sad and lonely, to some people. Whether it is not wanting to accept gifts from people that one does not feel the same way about, not settling for less than one deserves or being involved in a breakup before Valentiens Day, it does not need to be that one day haunting and crushing one’s dreams as one lonely lady could assume would happen on this lovely holiday. That’s right independent ladies, it does not need to be depressing or we do not need to let those with a Valentine kill our good independent vibes! By being Miss Independent over here, here are some of the things I will be doing on Valentine’s Day and possibly those other independent college girls. Call me boys, I MIGHT answer.

1) Listening to independent women songs

Listening to songs telling me how much guys would regret having me as their Valentine is one thing that would keep me thinking positively. In the car, walking to class or dancing around my room, “If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it,” sung by Beyoncé, is only one of the many songs included in my playlist. Not just Beyoncé’s songs, but there would probably be some Pussy Cat Dolls, Ashanti, Fergie, Jhené Aiko, Tinashe, Nicki Minaj and Pia Mia. 


2) Hitting the gym hard

This is the day I go to the gym and work out the hardest I have ever worked out in my life. I’ll probably be lifting the most, making it look easy. I hope guys like me more when I’m fit…



3) Shake my head at boys who do not have a Valentine 

#SMH at all of the guys who NEVER EVEN TRIED TO GET A VALENTINE! There are some girls who want a Valentine so bad, so it is like they just slapped themselves in the face.



4) Asking my family for love

I probably will be asking one of my family members for a Valentine so I do not feel as lonely. I will be expecting a homemade card from my Grandma as she always sends me every year. I hope she sends one this year considering I moved and do not have the same address anymore.


5) Binge eating sweets

Ice cream always makes me feel better. So does a box of heart chocolates and chocolate cake. I probably will turn on the Kardashians because they always have a new episode on Sunday. What is a night better spent than having an excuse to stuff my face with sweets and watch my favorite reality television show? Only if it were with a Valentine… 

*eats more ice cream and chocolate*



6) Judging those in a relationship

Laughing out loud at all of the crazy girlfriends snapchatting their “perfect day with perfect bae” just to make those who are single extremely pissed off and jealous. Their competitveness is extremely unnecessary and unknowingly, they look so stupid taking selfies when a man who looks like he does not want to be in annoying selfies considering he is not smiling in any of the pictures. Please, take one more selfie of you both, but get me in the background eating ice cream and dancing to my independent woman songs. 



7) Spreading holiday cheer

When someone will wish me a “Happy Valentines Day,” of course I will be wishing others one, while secretly despising it.



8) Buying myself anything I want

Treating myself to a spa day, good meal, shopping and anyting else I desire is a must for this day! No one is stopping you from loving yourself. I’d by myself a fancy box of chocolate! If only I can eat them in front of someone who did not get as fancy chocolates as I bought for myself. Maybe it will make me feel better about myself that I used the money I would have spent on someone else for myself and what I actually want to get on Valentine’s Day. It will probably be better than what a guy would get me anyways.







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