The Unspoken Benefits of a College Relationship

Article written by Madison Andrade. 

We all know how difficult relationships can be. Not only is it hard to deal with yourself on a daily basis, but when another individual gets added to the equation, it almost seems impossible. College is a life-changing experience, where people go to find themselves and form their own opinions of the world. You’re constantly shape-shifting into who you truly are and learning your likes and dislikes. Relationships might seem like a complete hindrance to the finding of oneself, but they actually can add a lot to your college experience. These are three of the most important benefits that I think someone can gain from a college relationship:

1. They benefit your communication skills 

Have you ever met someone who never tells you how they feel? Or someone who never tells you what’s going on in their life? Did you ever think you might be that person? Communication is key to having a fulfilling relationship with someone, and romantic relationships have communication written all over them. In my experience, my first boyfriend would get so upset with me when I didn’t open up to him- and for good reason. It’s exhausting to be with someone who always has their walls up, and that relationship allowed me to learn how to take them down. It’s truly beautiful what relationships can make someone do, especially something as fundamental as communication. 

2. They teach you what you like and dislike in a person 

Relationships don’t always work out, that’s just a fact. But the ending of serious relationships leads you to better understand what you’re looking for in a partner! For example, if your ex-boyfriend was constantly seeking attention whenever you two were out in public, you can use his behavior as a cursor of what NOT to look for. Many people need the validation of others, and that’s okay, but it might not be your cup of tea. You can take these as signs to avoid in your next potential partner! The ending of relationships doesn’t always have to be sad and depressing, you can simply view it as a lesson.

3. They allow you to become more emotionally intelligent 

In college, you’re taught everything from the quadratic formula to the laws of physics, but something that most of us aren’t taught is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your feelings, along with others, and most people don’t have that skill. A relationship can teach you how to understand your emotions, and the emotions of your significant other. This is extremely beneficial for not only romantic relationships, but every single relationship in your life!

Ultimately college relationships, whether they last or not, can benefit you immensely. They help shape you into a better version of yourself, and because of that, you’ll attract much better things into your life (people, opportunities, etc.) Once you’re able to identify what you want in a relationship, and voice that preference, it’ll lead you to a happier, fuller and more gratifying life!