Travel Tips from a Girl Who Has Yet to Leave the Country

It was  spring break for ASU students this past week! For a lot of people that means leaving their new home and going to California or Mexico. I fell under the category of stereotypical Florida spring breakers who travel to Miami to tan on the beach drinking ice cold lemonades.

Yes, I went to Florida. But I did not do the stereotypical spring break route. Your girl went to the happiest place in the world… no, not Disney World. Harry Potter World! Everything revolves around Harry Potter. I have been to the Florida park once before and it was as fun as I remembered…but better. It got me reminiscing about the last time I visited, which morphed into me remembering all the past vacations I’ve been on. These have been my favorite trips that my family and I have taken.

    If you find yourself in Washington, DC, I recommend going to the Library of Congress. This historical building is gorgeous and very engaging. They have Thomas Jefferson’s personal collection and gorgeous paintings that mirror European art. On top of that, the general public can apply for a Library of Congress card as a cool memento! After, head on over to Founding Farmers for a  handmade soda and perfectly spiced deviled eggs. The refreshing restaurant is a local favorite so be sure to make a reservation in advance.


While in San Francisco, California, make it a priority to ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. It may feel like a long ride, but the scenery is worth it. After, treat yourself to an ice cream treat at Ghirardelli Square while people-watching. Don’t forget the Painted Ladies in the neighborhood where Raven Symone and the Full House family lived. Finally, end your trip at Alcatraz (which I accidentally refer to as Azkaban because, again, everything revolves around Harry Potter). While at the American prison, sit on a bench and watch the Buzzfeed Unsolved video about the prisoners who escaped The Rock.


Eat a buttery lobster sandwich in Boston, Massachusetts, at The Barking Crab with family and friends. I also recommend seeing some of the historical monuments of the city like the warship USS Constitution, the Old South Meeting House, and Freedom Trail.  One of the coolest parts of this trip, Salem, is only a hop, skip, jump away. Walking around a town that is famous for the witch trials is both spooky and enthralling. I went when it was October and the tourists and locals were dressed up like witches. There were psychics, bookstores, and food all along the streets. 10/10 recommend for a spooky Halloween treat.   


Denver, Colorado, may be known for its chill environment, but to me it is known for its incredible food. My favorite place to eat is the eclectic restaurant Linger which was once a mortuary. Although it sounds creepy and unhygienic, the atmosphere of Linger is so fun! They sell global dishes from Asian to American and is perfect for adventurous food lovers. Underneath this restaurant is the ice cream shop Little Man Ice Cream. Shaped like a milk-jug, this shop prides itself in selling unique flavors like the Purple Cow and Space Junkie. Although the line appears long, the servers work quickly and efficiently and the shop provides entertainment for customers like magicians and live music. A perfect way to end the perfect night.

My all time favorite city is New York City. The Big Apple has an atmosphere that I can’t seem to find anywhere else. When you visit, you have to start with the stereotypical attractions like the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty. Once those are done, make sure you see as many Broadway shows as possible. But get the tickets at the TKTS Times Square booth for better deals. The best play I have seen in NYC was The Play That Goes Wrong because of the creative writing and staging. I highly recommend seeing this masterpiece.

Even though I’ve never travelled outside of the United States (yet), I still think all the places I’ve been are so fun. All these cities are unique with a variety of places to visit. Even if you don’t love traveling, eating exotic foods, or going to museums, I still recommend all these cities. Traveling is about seeing the world and trying new things. Even though this world is nothing compared to Harry Potter World. Just saying.