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Top Starbucks drinks from your girls in the Valley

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at ASU chapter.

Starbucks® and ASU have gone hand-in-hand, always. What is a college experience without coffee? Recently, ASU has been ranked in the top 12 schools around the world near store locations, and it’s not because of the free tuition, our local stores are beautiful, accommodating, and constantly meeting new students each semester. Heidi Piper for Starbucks® describes this location,

“…vibrant desert hues, and patio perfect for enjoying those warm Arizona breezes”

In the Valley, daily temperatures rise to above 100 degree fahrenheit, and Arizona has always been ‘a dry heat,’ let’s explore the best drinks for cooling off after a hot day of classes:

  1. Cold brew with vanilla

This drink is so beyond easy to order, make, and enjoy. Its simplicity is energizing, sweet, and even comforting. Who could go wrong with vanilla? Add your favorite alternative milk, and make it more personalized. Just don’t forget the vanilla. 

  1. Passion tea with lemonade

Let’s get one thing set in stone, lemonade ALWAYS makes any day much sassier. This caffeine-free refreshing power combo keeps you feeling cool, calm, and refreshed. The passion tea has its own tartness, but mixed with lemonade? This is the power couple that we needed!

  1. Java chip frappuccino

Hear me out, I know that fraps are a blast from the past, and you’re picturing an old photo of you in the mall with a mocha, thinking you liked coffee then. This drink makes me feel like a kid again, and especially with extra cookie pieces and chocolate drizzle. Take it from me, an avid coffee drinker and former Starbucks barista, add an espresso shot with it, and there is no need to think twice.

  1. Vanilla sweet cream nitro cold brew

Nothing sounds better after an entire all-night study session, night out with friends, or even just a small pick-me-up like a nitro with vanilla and sweet cream cold foam. This drink is for my fellow caffeine addicts (like me) and you’re looking for something to get your day going and the blood pumping. This drink is beyond easy to make and even easier to drink it all without realizing. The sweet from the vanilla in the coffee AND foam? Just trust me on this one. Pro tip: Ask for some salt to be blended with the foam, it will change your life if you haven’t ordered it before.

  1. Iced americano with caramel

Nothing beats the kick of an espresso shot, but a personal favorite of an iced americano just never disappoints. Adding caramel sweetens it up, and that is okay to switch up the flavors as well! This drink is simple, cooling, and restoring your energy within minutes. If you’re looking for more caffeine (sometimes days like that happen, and it’s okay), order with blonde espresso or an extra shot.

Yes, hot drinks are an option as well. But when the median temperatures are in the triple digits for over ten months out of the year? Anything that is chilled is preferred. Our top five drinks will make your visit to the Valley much more refreshing. The southwest atmosphere inside with the next generation of geniuses walking to class, stopping by for a bite to eat, or even visiting with friends, the vast difference between each worker, customer, student, and more are visible within this store. Take advantage of the opportunity to watch people while you’re here.

With ASU being ranked right next to The Netherlands, Alabama, and Mexico, without a doubt that this was a tough decision to make. Student-barista benefits aside, this store is perfectly located right off of campus. It makes partners feel like they’re close to classes and student life, while also remaining a perfect distance from the hustle and bustle of professors, students, and staff. I can’t imagine what freshman moving in was like!

JP (they/them/theirs) is a graduate student at DePaul who enjoys reading books, playing guitar, and telling bad jokes. When they're not behind a book or getting a tan from their computer screen, catch them planning their next tattoo. Check their 'gram: @hanson.jp