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Top Spring Trends of 2013

The wonderful thing about spring time in Arizona is that it’s a breezy preview to the summer. Now’s your chance to strut your stuff under the sun without sacrificing comfort. Here are some of the latest spring trends that can easily carry over to the summer time. Though not a dress code, these trends won’t fail to inspire your spring wardrobe. Dont be afraid to get creative and add your own touch to these trends! 


According to Pantone’s Fashion Color Report, you’ll be seeing these colors trending, and with good reason! Everything about these colors are ready to remind us of the warmth and freshness of the spring season.  

Here are some samples of Color, Patterns, and Design Theories to keep in mind, and put into play.

Colors: Bolds, Pastels, Black and White

Patterns: Florals, Graphic, Bold lines, Global/ tribal / beading 

Styles: Skirts: Maxi, Midi, Skater/Tops: Cropped, Chambray, Graphic

Textiles & Textures: Lace, Crochet, Scalloped, Ruffles, Flowers


Tribal & Cropped Top from Forever 21


       Floral & Bold Lines from Zara


Global & Floral Print with Neutral Solids from Zara

When wearing bold colors or graphic patterns, pairing them with neutral tones and solids will help balance your outfit. This will enhance your look rather than distract from it, unless you’re up for the challenge!


Crocheted Dress with Ruffles from ASOS


Printed Denim Shorts from ASOS


Scalloped Pastel Turquoise Shorts from Bunky Boutique


Striped Maxi Skirt with Cropped Top & Bold Yellow Cropped Jacket from Forever 21


Seafoam Green Lace Dress from Grand Central Clothing


Two-Pocket Chambray T-Shirt & Pastel Shorts from Express



Pleated Skater/A-Line Skirt from Grand Central Clothing 


What are your favorite trends this Spring? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll possibly feature your look! 

Happy styling!

Jannette is a English Linguistics and French major and going after her TESOL certificate. She works with a program that raises the educational aspirations of Hispanic girls and their mothers, along with inspiring and educating the middle school and high school communities about achieving a higher education. She enjoys photography, doodling, dancing, traveling, blogging, learning about cultures, all things Frenchy, being a language nerd, and just about all things fashion related (including getting the attention of fashion reality tv contestants). Recently she's begun to really immerse herself in Phoenix's fashion scene by attending local fashion shows for Phoenix Fashion Week. Join her in her journey of coming out of the fashion closet and letting out her inner fashionista. Check out her blog in the works: http://jannette365.blogspot.com/
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