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Tips On Preventing Grades From Defining You

Oh no….You barely passed a test with a C, though you studied for hours. Overwhelming thoughts linger in your mind: “Am I stupid? Could I have done better? Why?!?!” The answer to those questions are: no, maybe, and c’est la vie! 

More often than not, students freak out over their grades. While walking around campus, you might hear students talking to their friends about their tests: “I didn’t fail but I didn’t do so hot either. I’m kinda worried.”

You have no idea the amount of times I’ve freaked out over finals week. Yet, I have learned to deal with it a bit better since freshman year.

Things I’ve learned from finals week:

1.) Grades don’t define you!

So what if you got a C and your friend got a B! That does not define your intelligence! 

2.) You get what you give!

Study hard to increase your chances of acing your tests. 

3.) Don’t lose hope / Stay positive! 

4.) Take deep breathes if you are freaking out! 

5.) Know what comforts you!

I always use my lucky pencil on tests, it gives me some comfort knowing I have luck on my side. Though it is total crap, it puts me at ease. 

Hope this gives you some ease during finals week! 

Majoring in Sustainability with a minor in French. I love to paint and eat on my free time.
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