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Taking care of the curls

Natural curls can be hard to deal with sometimes. It's not always easy to tame the beast- believe me, I have a little afro puff that curls so tight it's hard to untangle! Here are 5 tips on how to pamper your hair so it can treat you right when you need it to look its best.


1. Condition: Conditioner is your best friend. Keep in mind that conditioner is made to make your hair soft and smooth so do not leave conditioner in your hair for too long, unless it is leave in conditioner, because then it is easier for your hair to fall out.


2. Shampoo: If you have curly hair you cannot use any regular shampoo because it will dry your hair out and leave the curls dull and dry looking. Try to find shampoos without Sulfate, it is not good for any type of hair but girls with the curls it is worse on theirs. Try Organix, it’s all sulfate free and relatively cheap.


3. Do not Towel dry: Try using a towel that is 100% cotton, or even finding an old t-shirt that's 100% cotton. I can feel the difference in my hair after using a regular towel and when I use a 100% cotton towel, and your hair will look different too.


4. Oils are your best friend. Use them. Organix has great oil products as well! Shea Moisture it keeps the hair healthy, feeling smooth, and smelling just right.


5. Cut your ends often. I cut my hair every three months, which helps keep my split ends from spreading and also helps to keep it looking healthy. A little trim is okay, especially if you want to keep your hair growing, it’s going to need that attention!

Hey all! My name is Niamey Thomas I am A junior at ASU studying Communication, dance, and Brazilian studies! I love blogging and sharing ideas, I would like to become a Motivational speaker and own a Arts studio. I have my own company LifeOfAYoungRealistic http://niameythomas.wix.com/youngrealistic Feel free to follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/NNIIAMEY pintrest http://pinterest.com/nniiamey/ tumblr http://nniamey.tumblr.com/
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