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Taco Bell Testing Home Delivery


Taco Bell is testing out delivery this year, finally! Although Taco Bell isn’t the first fast food place to try out delivery, they are hoping to be the ones that get it right first. Burger King has been trying delivery since 2012 and it’s only available in nine cities (none of them in Arizona). Taco Bell seems to always be trying to win the vote of the Millennials; especially with their new “Breakfast Defector” campaign. With the addition of home delivery, Taco Bell is again trying to put themselves ahead of the curve.

It’s 2015 and Taco Bell is just starting to test this home delivery system. We have liquor stores that deliver, so why not fast food?! It’s not like we’re asking for flying cars! This “home delivery test” takes us one step closer to fast food delivery! According to the CEO, people are really demanding for Taco Bell delivery, which comes as no suprise. I’m glad they’re listening to what the customers want and are trying to achieve it. According to USA Today, many people are willing to pay higher delivery fees just so they don’t have to leave their house for their tacos.

According to industry leaders, it could take up to five years for Taco Bell and others to figure it out. Add on another five years for everyone else to catch on and suddenly you’re in the middle of the 2020’s. Sadly, that’s what will probably happen. So if this will take another decade, who are these companies really trying to attract? The Millennials, or the even younger generation? Regardless, don’t put your local Taco Bell on speed dial just yet.

If you want to know what we think of this testing, we’d put it like this:


Source: USA Today

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