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Survival Tips For Daily Public Outings

Once winter break began, I expected to have a few weeks to sleep in and relax, but just the opposite happened. I was finding myself working three jobs, two of which are virtual and made free time something that was a luxury. Ironic to have no free time while on a break, right? However, I made it through every 14-hour shift, early morning, late-night, and even mid-afternoon nap with the help of my team and whatever sanity I had left. Thus, bringing my appreciation for essential workers in healthcare or not to an all-time high. Employees of service should be considered the glue holding society’s sanity together. While that is a hefty amount of pressure placed upon their shoulders, it is the truth. Leaving the house for a coffee when you haven’t stopped looking at a computer screen all day can be the most important part of your routine, especially when that is your only human interaction in the day, and maybe the entire week.

I personally understand how exhausting working and serving those who are less than kind is, but being kind to those working is essential as well. One interaction can make or break their shift just as much as your coffee run. Here are a few essential tips for making your daily human interaction more enjoyable!

Wear a Mask

Employees are already wearing one for over eight hours at a time and their skin is breaking out equally as bad, but being proactive and safe keeps you and the people working. It also saves you from embarrassment upon entering a building that requires masks to be inside. 

Be prepared to wait in line for your order

You’re not the only one that is working from home and enjoys a daily drive to grab some lunch or coffee, so please be kind to those working. Employees are often overworked and brought to exhaustion just to help keep businesses afloat. Please treat everyone with respect, especially those standing between you and your coffee. 

Do not yell, swear, or lose your temper at those reminding you to wear a mask
Being understanding of the global situation

Nothing makes service easier than proper education of what is happening globally and being aware of your part in helping slow the spread. By doing your part and  washing your hands, staying six feet away from others, covering your nose and mouth with your mask, and ensuring you’re coughing and sneezing into your elbow, you will help those around you feel at ease. It is reassuring to see people washing their hands, in my opinion. 

I cannot stress enough that being aware, wearing a mask properly, and even keeping a distance from those around you is crucial and essential to making you and those around happy and comfortable with being in public. Keep in mind that many people have not left the confines of their own homes in weeks, so their first human interaction could be more anxiety-filled than it might be for others. Doing your part with confidence and comfort reassures employees, customers, and the general public that you are doing your best.

JP is a born and raised Midwesterner, but now calls the desert home. They are a senior studying English, Spanish, and Media Analysis. When they're not writing for Her Campus, catch them wreaking havoc on Twitter: @HansonJenna or getting another tattoo.
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