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Taking the first step toward a lifestyle change takes a lot of pride-swallowing, self-examining, and responsibility. It can take the form of dumping your partner because you finally realized that they were toxic the entire time, moving on from a one-sided friendship, or maybe even moving in with your parents after years of feeling lost on your own.

I was surprised when I decided to do a lifestyle overhaul this spring. I didn’t take this first step because the weather was warmer and I was finally able to show off my new tattoos from this winter. Rather, I finally realized how closed off I was living, and I decided I needed to make some changes to avoid falling into unproductive rabbit holes.

I took an initiative to make more friends and tie up loose ends. The building up of once burned bridges took a lot of effort, but I realized that I wouldn’t go anywhere without support. Whether I find it or it comes to me, I know I am a person whose primary love language is words of affirmation. I value the recognition of others, but I also enjoy reciprocating and showing just how important people are to me–especially when it comes to holding each other accountable.

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A change in my haircut was needed when I understood how much I was hiding behind the dry mop upon my crown. It was cracked, split, and an all-around mess. Treat your hair like you would your lip care. You wouldn’t want to walk around with chapped and cracked lips, so why let your hair be damaged for so long?

I started standing up for myself in what I wanted and began to speak my mind when something didn’t feel right. It warranted a significant amount of risk, but I was able to make changes and spring into action. I imagine that I had hurt many people’s feelings, but I was hurting as well. Shamelessly speak your peace and move on. If they remain mad, then it is on them for not recognizing the need for change on their part as well.

Taking initiative and springing my life into action brought the positive change that I was desperately searching for. I felt stuck in a daily monotonous loop and felt as if there was no end in sight. On the other hand, what worked for me may not work for you, and that is okay. Our lives are very different, and that’s the glory of people being unique. I understood my worth and place in my world and just how important I am to my peers. If they were questioning my presence, they would have made the change by now. And that’s the reality of springing your life into action to make changes for the better.

JP is a born and raised Midwesterner, but now calls the desert home. She is a Junior studying English, Spanish Linguistics, and Media Analysis. 
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