Spray Tans vs. Self Tanner vs. Airbrush Tans

As most people know, being tan is attractive. People admire the glow it creates, the whiter it makes your teeth, and specifically for me, the confidence it gives me. Having had fair skin for all my life, I can attest to feeling like an eyesore in the summer with shorts on. Although I went most of my life not having done any type of tanning, I learned the amazing world of tanning during my junior year of high school, when I went to prom. Here are the top three best ways to get artificially tan and their pros and cons.

  1. 1. The Classic Spray Tan Method

    Due to the common heart of it “not being even,” spray tans can get a bad rap. As for myself, yes, spray tans can come out uneven. But that is truly only if you don’t know the tricks. Simply following the instructions that the machine gives you at Palm Beach Tan, for example, will likely have missed spots. The trick is to go once, find out what you missed, schedule a follow up, and be sure to dance around in the spray tan machine and give those missed areas some lovin. For myself, I have always loved going to Palm Beach Tan. They have friendly staff, temperature controlled machines and allow for you to be in control of what you want. Their tans often last for a week to two weeks. For a quick and easy tan, this is the best! 

    Find your closest Palm Beach Tan here 

  2. 2. Dark Streaks

    When self-tanner is brought up in any conversation, there is always the sad case of getting dark streaks on your hands due to the lack of experience applying it. Always buy the glove! For myself, trying self-tanner was scary. I was afraid of how dark it would turn out, how uneven it would be and if it would even really work out for me. Luckily, with guidance from a Sephora expert, I was able to get this amazing self-tanner mousse called St. Tropez. It is on the costlier end of tanning options, but it is super great if you only want certain areas tan or if you feel more comfortable creating the tan you desire in a house than with a machine or with another person. The great thing about self-tanner is you decide how tan you become. You can go gradually by applying multiple layers rather than going in full force. This is great for anyone nervous about tanning for the first time. 


    You can find St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse at:

    Sephora here or Ulta here

  3. 3. Airbrushing

    Lastly, this is my favorite way of getting that mid-summer glow all year round. Airbrushing is easily the best way to get all three of the most important things when getting a tan: it’s easy, quick and even. The only true downside to getting an airbrush spray tan is that they’re almost always pricey, but they’re definitely worth it if you’re interested. Airbrushing is often a longer process than spray tanning, taking about a half hour to an hour. Another aspect of airbrushing to take into consideration is that you have to be naked or nearly naked in front of another person. Somebody airbrushes you by hand. The best way to gauge if your local airbrush spot is a solid place to go is by checking the reviews.

    If you're from Oregon, I have a place for you then! Here is the link to book here.