Small Business Of The Week: 1865 Coffee

Come one, Come all! Looking for your next hole in the wall hang out? Looking for a cute place to work? Want to find a cheap and easy way to give back to the Tempe community? Check out 1865 Coffee!

1865 Coffee is a small hole in the wall coffee shop just off University Drive and South Myrtle Avenue in Tempe,  Arizona. Shockingly, it’s been here for about three years and not many students know about it.

1865 (for short), has a unique partnership with the Salvation Army while sharing the building with the Church next door. Due to the sheer size of the shop and the Church next door, this quaint shop can be a bit tricky to find. However, it is entirely worth it when you sit on a couch that reminds me of Friends, and drink their amazing Turtle Mocha. Hey, if coffee isn’t your thing, try one of their teas! A grilled cheese or a delicious bagel instead, perhaps?

The entire vibe emanates warmth and amiability. The walls are all covered with fun drawings, quotes, memes, and free wifi- basically every college students dream. Yet, what makes this shop something to marvel at, is their pay it forward coffee sleeves.

When you order your treat from the counter, you have the option to donate a dollar and pay for someone’s coffee. They then hand you a coffee sleeve, let you color it with some pretty paint pens, and then pin it up on their board. Then, someone can take your sleeve, and redeem it for a free coffee. This program appeals mostly to the homeless, giving them a nice warm drink, and an air conditioned place to relax once in a while.

Currently, the shop is only open Monday through Friday, 8 to 5. Additionally, they are looking for new hires!

I got the chance to talk to one of the employees and she positively glowed about working there. The atmosphere and environment really gives off a relaxing and comforting vibe, and she loves the feeling she gets when she walks through the doors. She says they don’t really like to call it a coffee shop, but rather “a non-profit coffee ministry” which I personally thought was just darling.

All in all, this shop should definitely be on your next list of hot spots to hit. With its warm air, and amazing drinks, put your heart into stopping by and giving them a good ol’ Sun Devil welcome.