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Shows to Watch Over Spring Break

It is Spring break! Throw your papers out the window and toss your books aside, it's time to let loose and have a little bit of fun!

If you're like me you have planned out the perfect break with the perfect people, but becuase life is the way it is your plans are now ruined. Instead of leaving for a short vacay you have to stay at home.

But do not fret, here are 10 great shows on Netflix for you to watch and still be able to enjoy your break. Kick up your feet, close the blinds, gather your snuggie- It's going to be a relaxed week!

1. Scandal: Personally one of my favorite shows, Olivia Pope is firece and I want to be her when I grow up!

2. Vampire Diaries: The men in this show are beautiful to look at, and always seem to have their shirts off!

3. Grey's Anatomy: Check out McDreamy!

4. Brothers and Sisters: Great family and secrets!

5. Pretty Little Liars: More secrets, lies, and deceit!

6. Dexter: Some interesting ways to go out with a bang!

7. Supernatural: Visit some new cities and some fun creatures!

8. Bones: Try to follow along with the Jargon!

9. The Office: Have a fun time laughing!

10. American Horror Story: Try not to be too scared!

These are personally some of my favorite shows on netflix, if you're like me and have seen all these shows watch DALLAS, that will have you at the edge of your chair!

Enjoy your break!

Hey all! My name is Niamey Thomas I am A junior at ASU studying Communication, dance, and Brazilian studies! I love blogging and sharing ideas, I would like to become a Motivational speaker and own a Arts studio. I have my own company LifeOfAYoungRealistic http://niameythomas.wix.com/youngrealistic Feel free to follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/NNIIAMEY pintrest http://pinterest.com/nniiamey/ tumblr http://nniamey.tumblr.com/
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