Product Review: GrandeLASH

Currently, fake lashes are all the rave. Whether they’re falsies that you put on before an event, or ones you fill every 3-4 weeks, it’s widely known that eyelashes can transform your look and your confidence. I am no exception to this rule-but I can’t exactly afford the expensive habit of getting lash fills, and falsies look a little crazy on me. That’s when I came across GrandeLASH. GrandeLASH is a serum that helps your eyelashes grow, and if you can gain one thing from this review, it’s that this stuff works!

I was recommended this product by a family friend whose lashes I’ve always admired. She’s always had the most beautiful, looooong eyelashes, and I finally had to ask her, “How are your lashes so frickin’ long?” She immediately replied with a smile, “GrandeLASH.” Thus I embarked on my own GrandeLASH journey.

I shopped at Sephora for this product, and was a little shocked by the price. $65 for a tiny serum?! Then I thought of the price of lash fills, multiple falsies, etc and I was instantly sold. I purchased the serum and never looked back.

As soon as I received the product I realized how little of the serum you use everyday. I applied one swipe to each lash line every night and awaited my results. The first couple of days I noticed nothing, and began to lose hope, yet I continued on with the nightly applications. After around 2 weeks I noticed my lashes started looking longer, but I blamed it on the placebo effect. My mind was probably just playing tricks on me.

When I hit the monthly mark, I was astonished. My lashes had grown so long that they looked good without any mascara! Even my bottom lashes had gotten longer, and so many people had started to comment on how long they were looking. This serum, though I was hesitant at first, had actually made a noticeable difference! To this day my lashes are longer, fuller, and have completely changed my look.

To all my lash-seeking girls out there, especially those with budgets on the smaller side, I completely recommend GrandeLASH. You won’t find immediate results with this serum, but you will find long-lasting results, and in turn, long-lasting confidence with your lashes. I dare you to skip out on the fake lashes and try enhancing your own natural beauty, because it’ll make you feel a whole ‘nother kind of gorgeous.