A Playlist for (Amost) Every Summer Mood

As the days go by, classes come to end, and summer is about to begin, now is the time to dive into new music. Now more than ever people have relied on curated playlists to help them through daily activities. There is simply a playlist for everything at this point!

Below you will find some of me and my best friends’ all-time favorite playlists we have put together. These playlists cover a variety of topics that range from relaxing by the pool to working out. We tend to pour our heart and soul out into making a playlist so I hope you find one that you love for the summer.

Let’s jump into some playlists that are perfect for a nice pool time session. Whether you are swimming or tanning these will help the summer vibes flow right in.

Ever in a mood where you want to relax but not fall asleep? Whether you’re tanning or lounging or just laying in bed, here is some music to keep you up.

Perfect Girls Night? Whether it’s through zoom or FaceTime or you’re lucky enough to be in quarantine with best friends, here is some music to make the night even better

Road Trips! Get out, get away, go on adventures! Appreciate the outdoors, take a road trip to the mountains or to the beach.

Throwbacks: Who doesn't love a little throwback music? Am I right?

​​Workout. When is the best time to start working out? NOW! Here is some music to keep the motivation up during the toughest of workouts

*Use this playlist to meditate, relax, breath and focus on yourself and the way your body moves.

Feel Good/ Happy Vibes. These hold some of those feel good, relaxing types of songs that you’ll find your soul all over again with.

  • Feel Good
  • VBZ (Spotify)
  • Relax  - I just recently found this playlist, and hits exactly the vibe and the music I have been into recently. 

Everyday Playlist: with a little bit of old, a little bit of new, and some different tastes.

If you want a playlist transferred to Apple Music or Spotify please feel reach out to me on Instagram to myself (@melhamner), Breezy (@breezysloan),  Faith (@faithlhendrick) or Sar (@sar_g14 via Twitter).

But besides that, Shout out to the lovely ladies, who wanted to share these playlists. Music is a way to get through the toughest times in our lives. We are all college students (originally from California) getting through the year, surviving quarantine, and making our way into summer. Hopefully you find a playlist that fits you best!