Pinterest Professionalism: How It Can Land You a Job

There’s something about social media that is so ridiculously popular in society these days—whether it’s because of the ability to stay up-to-date with everyone, share pictures and videos, or just use it as a location for unloading unspoken feelings. Social media serves as a gateway for employers to seek out clients or to find out further information when looking at a potential employee’s resume.

It can be a dangerous thing for you if professionalism isn’t really up your alley. Those partying pictures won’t look too hot to future employers. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, employers could use your Pinterest site for seeing what you’re capable of in regards to creativity and professionalism! It’s a visual representation of your brand, and personal branding is very important in the adult world.

So, how can Pinterest help? First, probably stop pinning so many recipes you’ll never end up making and shoes you can’t afford while in college. Use this social media platform for career prep, tips and an overall tool for visually marketing yourself.


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Pin things that are relevant to your career. It won’t only boost your knowledge in whatever field you specialize in, but it will truly make you more presentable. Plus, future employers can see that you are able to manage your way through another social media site (and one that’s used in many companies).

With template documents, you’ll stand out from other job candidates who are simply fumbling through Facebook posts, Twitter feeds and Instagram photos.

Pinterest is especially great for those who are into design or photography—display your work and showcase it to the world. Adding your own text to pins also makes your Pinterest more personal.

Don’t forget—the more people who follow you, the more employers are capable of coming across your page. As with any profession, network, network, network!

Happy pinning!