The Pill Club Comes to AZ!

The Pill Club has finally arrived in Arizona!

The Pill Club (TPC), is a free birth control delivery service that sends your prescription right to your door! The process is super easy too! All you have to do is transfer the medicine from your local pharmacy to TPC, (which is based online). They work out your insurance, co-pays and doctor information and then you get your birth control!

The best part? You get little goodies in the package such as, “chocolate, lube, [and] organic tampons.” They will also send you Plan B upon request.

TPC ships to over 37 states for free and you will receive automatic refills for your prescriptions, (unless you run out, then TPC will request a renewal for your prescription from your doctor)! They also offer a variety of different brands for birth control which is great if you know which brand is the most effective for your body! TPC is an easy, hassle free business that helps you, the go-getter, take one thing off of your schedule.

If you don’t have insurance, don’t worry! TPC will quote you an out of the pocket price that is equal to your current prescription. Then you just have to pay a yearly fee which is $15- super easy on the wallet! However, it’s free for those with insurance minus your co-pay,(thanks Obama and the Affordable Care Act).

TPC is a great way to get your birth control for free and right to your door so that you have more time to be a boss babe!


Kathleen Leslie is a freshman at Arizona State University, studying political science and communications. She was born in August, (a typical Leo), in Chicago, Illinois but has since moved all over the world. Though, she considers Australia and Orange County, California, her home. Kathleen is a part of the 'I Am That Girl' club on ASU's campus and in addition, works as a communications aide for ASU. In her free time, she likes to shop, sail and hang out with friends, (hoping it always involves something with food). Kathleen Leslie is also the current campus correspondent for Her Campus ASU.

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