Packing Essentials: Carribbean Island Edition

Woohoo! You’re finally catching a break, why not hit the Carribbean? For those who are fortunate enough to do this - like myself this spring break - I’ve compiled my essential packing list for all my extra girls out there:

1. Sunscreen - Yes, tans are beautiful, but we’re trying to our best life- skin cancer free.

2. Breathable clothes - You might be looking forward to getting out of that sweater weather, but make sure to leave those sweaters at home! The Carribbean is humid, and the less clothes, the better.

3. Bathing suits - Duh! Why go to an island if you don’t plan on swimming?!

4. Flip Flops - Heels? And the beach? Not the best match. Stick with easy, open-toed shoes to really sink into the sand.

5. Cheap Jewelry - Want to look like a goddess? Throw on some gold jewelry- make sure it’s fake though! Can’t afford to pull a Kim K.

6. Sunglasses - Not only do we need to protect our skin, but our eyes as well. Not to mention how cute you’ll look.

7. Bug Spray - One word: mosquitoes.

8. Cash - Most islands in the Carribbean accept American money, and I’m sure you’ll want to get a souvenir.


What not to bring

1. Your work - This trip will be one of a lifetime, so make sure you’re prepared! And remember, the final, and most important thing to bring is a smile. You will have a much better time if you relax on this vacation, and have fun! Leave the work and stress at home. They’ll be there when you get back, but for now, bring on the fun!