Organize Yourself This Semester with BAND!

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With summer break over (insert crying emoji here), that means Arizona State is back in session! Being the busy collegiettes that we are that means taking on new classes, catching up with friends and leading multiple student organizations on campus. But, since we are only human, our patience and organization skills are bound to get tested. So, to help you begin the new school year hassle free, we wanted to share with you our new favorite app: BAND!

Incorporating BAND into Your College Lifestyle

What’s so amazing about BAND is that you can use it for almost everything group-related! It focuses your attention on the people who matter and cuts out the hundreds of “friends” you don’t need to stay up to date with. For example, when you have your first sorority meeting of the year, get your sisters on BAND so you can plan events, write shared-to-dos, take polls, share pictures, etc. Also, members don’t have to worry about taking their social media accounts down during rush – only your sisters can see the private conversations/shared info.

BAND definitely helps busy collegiettes like us keep up with important group activities we are a part of on campus. From Greek life to sports teams to organizing a study group, videos, gifs, PDFs, Dropbox files and tons more can be shared within BAND.

Why Use BAND If I Use Facebook Groups and GroupMe?
With Facebook Group, your message fights for a tiny spot on each member’s Feed filed with celebrity news, baby photos and Buzzfeed articles. What’s worse, your group is buried on the side menu making your announcement barely audible. Communications through SMS and Emails do not get very interactive. If they ever do get interactive, people quickly get annoyed by the notifications and endless threads that are difficult to keep track of. In the end, no one knows if the message was heard and how it was received by individual members.

While GroupMe puts everyone together, its job ends there – in a crowded chat room that can easily be overseen in the midst of conversation that quickly jump from one topic to another. BAND, by virtue of being your group-only space, clearly delivers each message to the captive audience. Comments facilitate real-time conversations among the entire group, allowing everyone to know how each one feels about the topic you posed. Even when someone checks your message late, the conversations can easily be found and even searched. Unlike all other services, BAND provides a full package of group-essential functionalities to deliberately help your group stay on the same page effortlessly!

Now does this sounds cool or what?! But if you need more of a visual aide to understand BAND more, check out this video:

Download BAND for free and test it out! We’re sure you won’t regret it!