Now Is Not The Time To Stay Silent

Before I say anything, I would like to give my respects to George Floyd and any one who has been a victim of or has been affected by racism.

In a time of protests and riots against the backdrop of a global pandemic, the United States is a terrifying place. After the horrific video of George Floyd’s murder by the Minneapolis Police surfaced, people around the nation wanted justice for him, for their community, and to put an end to the racism that this country is filled with.

People have realized that the only way their voices are going to be heard is through extreme actions. This is sadly a concept that is now an everyday reality. Twitter is filled with videos and pictures of buildings and businesses being burned down, torn apart and trashed. What else does it take for their voices to be heard?

The United States is not just facing one but two national emergencies--a global pandemic and police brutality.

As a journalist, I have always tried to not be biased. I still try to do this. But for the first time, last night on May 29th at 3:15 am PST, I watched a CNN reporter--who was of color--get arrested for doing nothing wrong. He did everything in the rule book for journalists to do. He was calm, respectful, and made his identity very clear to the Minnesota State Police. Yet he and his crew members were arrested. This is something that rarely ever happens, let alone happens live on national television.

Some may call it a mistake, but what does it mean when just a block over a white male journalist was treated with respect and dignity? Just think about that.

People have reached a boiling point to where they can no longer take the violence, the bigotry and racism this country flows with against people of color. This show of police brutality was not an isolated incident but, rather, has been going on for hundreds of years.

What fuels racism? Maybe it is tweets from the president of the United States, referring to protestors as “thugs” or calling COVID-19 the “Chinese-virus”? Maybe it’s the lack of compassion the racist leader of our country has for people who are dying everyday.

I never condone violence. Ever. And it breaks my heart that violence is the only way anyone’s voices are being heard at the moment. So for anyone in the Black community, please know I stand with you and so many others do as well.

Nobody should ever live with the fear of being murdered because of the color of their skin.

Justice will be served and peace will come someday. Just keep letting your voices be heard.

People are not just fighting for justice for George Floyd but also for justice for the Black community. Now is not the time to stay silent, now is the time to stand up against racism.

Regardless of the color on your skin, whether you are black or white or somewhere in between,  we must all fight and stand together.

Please stay safe, wear a face mask, and don’t give up the fight to stop racism in this country.

#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForGeorge

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