My Biggest Insecurity WAS My Hair

If I had to pick one thing about myself that bugs me, it would be my hair. I have very coarse, curly, frizzy hair that no matter what product or beauty regimen I try, never seems to go down. My baby hairs always stick out, my hair never falls nicely around my shoulders, and maintaining nice, silky curls is like asking me to skydive. In fact, my hair might look better after skydiving.I remember being 14 and scouring the internet on how to get permanent straight hair, the pros and cons of brazillian blowouts, and the relaxers that were trending. Curly hair was just no fun and I was determined to change it one way or another. It has been this way for many years. It wasn’t until recently, that instead of fighting my hair texture, I learned to work with it and what works for me, but most importantly, how to let go of looking perfect ALL. THE. TIME.

I decided it was OKAY to have messy hair days, and embraced it by choosing messier hairstyles. Braids and ponytails are my go to, but for those really tough days I like going with the most tried and true style of them all: the messy bun!

Now I focus more on hydrating my hair and maintaining its health. I take my time brushing it out and letting it be its natural, big curly self rather than damaging it with heat 24/7. I treat it with less chemicals and more natural products. I know you have heard it from a million different magazines and beauty gurus, but if you suffer from course, dry hair like I usually do, COCONUT OIL will change your life! Applying it for an hour before your shower, or using a little bit as a detangler works like a charm! It actually makes me want to whip my hair back and forth all day long!

Image result for curly hair gifSo to all my curly haired queens who may be tired of their high maintenance locks, instead of fighting the curl, EMBRACE IT! Don’t let the image of picture-perfect hair tear you apart like it did me.