My Biggest Fear: Being Late

Whether it’s an event, class, meeting, movie, party, or date it doesn’t matter because either way, I will stress that I’ll Be late. For me being late has just always been something that I get anxiety about. I think my fear of being late stems from not wanting to miss out on information, memories, moments, and opportunities that I can’t get back. If you’re late you miss something and that’s that, you can’t jump into a time machine and get those missed moments back.

With that being said I still manage to be late sometimes on a deadline, waking up, or to class. I am not perfect by any means and I make mistakes like procrastinating a little too much or forgetting to set an alarm/reminder on my phone. Being late also sucks because you’re essentially self-sabotaging yourself instead of moving forward.

You have to catch up and make up for missed time in most cases. If you’re late to class then you might have missed out on crucial information for a quiz, exam, or paper. Now you have to find a way to get that information by apologizing to the professor for being late and politely asking for the information or by reaching out to one of your classmates for notes.

Thankfully I was mainly on time during my first year of college when it came to classes because my academics mean a lot to me and I strive to succeed. My favorite part of college life is being busy, productive and occasionally being late can be a set back.

Not being on time also makes me feel guilty or bad in almost every case because it sucks making anyone have to wait on you. I know how precious time is so I don’t like to waste people’s time. When you work with others you have to keep in mind that they depend on you and every-one needs to be a team player, so if you’re late it hurts the whole team.

I feel like being late also lowers my credibility and gives me a careless reputation which is not me, if anything I care too much. That’s why I set a million alarms in the morning or before I have to be somewhere because I want to give 110% in all that I do.



Sometimes life happens and you can’t control if you’re late, like when you get stuck in traffic or sleep through an alarm and that’s ok. Although being late sucks, I've learned over time that it’s not the end of the world. It’s ok to be late if it’s unintentional, accidental, or circumstantial. Everyone is late here and there and it’s just a part of life. Life’s not perfect and everything doesn’t work out how it’s supposed to or you want it to. So don’t fret if you are late and just do what you can to put yourself back on track to make up for lost time.