Meet Campus Cutie: Cassie Little


When it comes to values, “optimism is a big one for me… I think a lot of the other issues we encounter day to day could be solved with a constructively positive outlook. I believe that if there is a problem, it's worth fixing, not jumping ship to leave someone else. I think that goes well with loyalty and compassion. Caring about something or someone to the extent of seeking the source of the problem and following it out to restoration”. 


Meet Campus Cutie, Cassie Little, a double major at ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business. Cassie has a focus in Business Law and Business Spanish and is interested in going to law school or working for the greater good where she looks forward to using her bilingual skills. 



Cassie is a go - getter, she is passionate and sweet. She knows how to walk a fine line, she can get the attention of a room with her respectable and friendly presence and manage to keep that attention through her organized and straight forward leadership skills. Personally, Cassie represents her faith, her sorority, the Panhellenic and W.P. Carey School, even ASU as a whole, to the highest degree. 


She found herself here in Sun Devil Country for a variety of reasons.


 “1. I received a large scholarship after my acceptance into Barrett, the Honors College.


 2. I was looking to get out of state (I'm from Portland, OR) and have a 4 year adventure in the sun.


3. I have a lot of extended family living in Scottsdale. 


4. My mom and dad both attended ASU.


It felt like the right answer on April 26, 2014 (4 days before the admitted deadline) and it has proved to be the perfect choice every day since I moved in!”


It must have been the right choice because Cassie seems to be loving ASU and ASU seems to be loving Cassie right back - after all she was just voted in as President of ASU Sigma Kappa Sorority. “I chose to go Greek to make friends and quickly form relationships in a school of 70,000+, in which I knew 3 (my roommates). After an emotionally exhausting weekend of recruitment, I could not see myself in any house BUT I couldn't imagine not being a part of the incredible Panhellenic community. So when I received my bid from Sigma Kappa, I took it with JOY and that day was such a pivotal moment in my life. The personal growth, leadership empowerment, and sisterly compassion that I have experienced since September 2 has changed my life. I am not the same person who walked into ASU or began her first executive council position in January. I have so much to thank Sigma Kappa, as a chapter at ASU and a national organization, for”. 



I asked Cassie, what her advice to women seeking leadership roles in college would be?  This was her response and soak it all in because the girl knows how to lead, and lead well- “Do not be intimidated by the set percent. Understand the attitudes and traditions that those in leadership positions follow but pursue what you feel called to through by respectfully proposing your qualifications and challenge the norm. Being a freshman on executive council was not the norm. Holding multiple leadership positions and an internship in one's second semester of college is not typical. And it is most definitely not comfortable for most to have a sophomore take the reigns on an entire organization as president. But these are all things that I have been so clearly called to. I would say that the best advice I can give you is if you are seeking leadership from a position of humility, levelheadedness and with a pure heart, never hold yourself back from what you are feeling called to. Pursing those opportunities change your life. They have done so in mine”. 



That is just a glimpse into Cassie’s undeniable impact as a leader to many at ASU.  “On campus, I am active in my sorority, the Panhellenic community, organization called Greek Intervarsity, and the W.P. Carey community. I joined Sigma Kappa in fall of 2014 and have been an active, passionate sister ever since. Through 2015, I have served on the executive council of Sigma Kappa as the Panhellenic Delegate and became increasingly involved in the more critical, logistical aspects of my sorority and the Panhellenic community as a whole. This position has given me the opportunity to serve on many committees that further the success of the Panhellenic/Greek community. I look forward to continuing to represent Sigma Kappa in the community as my chapter's president through 2016. This past year I have also served on the leadership team of Greek Intervarsity, a Christian organization that fosters a faith-based community of the spiritual lives of Greek students. It has been an honor to see God move through this organization and empower leaders of all chapters to take His light back into their organizations.  In terms of my personal life, cooking and fitness are two major aspects of my sanity! I love finding time for home cooked meals and working out into my busy schedule! I additionally love crafting for anyone and everyone. My church, Redemption Tempe, and my faith are also extremely crucial parts of my life”.


College can be complex, there are so many opportunities, so many conflicting interests, so I asked Cassie - is it difficult to stay close to your faith while in college, what advice do you have in regards to staying true to your faith but wanting to have college experiences?



“My immediate answer is no. As my church, Redemption Tempe, reminds the congregation every service "All of life is all for Jesus." And that is simply how I stay in tune with my faith. I believe that it is really easy to compartmentalize God in college: church on Sunday mornings, praying before meals, Younglife on Wednesday nights, ect. However, I know that actively including and seeking God in every aspect of my life (every conversation, homework assignment, date party, chapter meeting) brings an overwhelming peace and calamity to my life. While there are definitely days I feel the conformity of my culture weighing on me, I tend to be quick in diagnosing where my stress and anxiety come from: an absence of recognizing His presence in my hour-to-hour day. 


In terms of feeling like you are missing out on college experiences I would say it's quite the opposite. I have found that the more I fix my eyes on Jesus, the less I long for your typical "college experiences." I would not encourage you by any means to not go to a party because you believe that its not the Christian thing to do. Jesus ate with sinners and tax collectors. It's not about where you go but how you act. I would challenge any Christian to meet their peers where they are at and love them in that place. That does not encourage conforming to any sort of behavior. I think intentions are an important thing to consider and one's genuine heart in seeking any 'college experience'", Cassie said.