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Maude Latour will take over 2022, I’m manifesting it

I’m obsessed, and I’m not going to deny it. I’ve been listening to Maude Latour since her first album, “Starsick” in 2019. Starting out streaming on Twitch, she quickly rose in popularity and has never looked back. 

She is 22 and taking the world by storm. Residing in New York, she is a true “city girl” when it comes to looking at skyscrapers every day and maintaining a strictly business mentality. The growth and prosperity in her musical career might have started at a young age, but her up-and-coming rise is bound to never stop. 

Her music includes relationship problems, falling in love, being heartbroken, and empowering your best girlfriends. The array shows how she is the ultimate best friend who will never let you down. But do not get me started on her personal style. 

Her Instagram is filled to the brim with her quirky personality, struttin’ style, and her new merch! The drop was recent, but her mark on you will last a lifetime. Let’s get you stuntin’ in her clothes and let everyone know your new favorite artist. 

Her North America tour is sold out currently, but she is bound to make another tour very soon! You can catch me there, honestly. Latour’s website is almost as if she is right there with you. The colors, graphics, and photos of her are perfectly placed to make sure you remember who she is. 

Even her YouTube page is filled with content all about her. My personal favorite is her song, “Walk Backwards”. She is on the streets of New York City with her friends, singing about her crush. The coolest detail is that she is wearing a mask in the beginning, making the awareness of the Pandemic known to people other than the essential workers, students, and just about everyone else. 

Her relatability to her followers makes every interaction feel like “Stars! They’re just like us” article from an old Us Weekly magazine. You know, the ones your mom used to pick up at the grocery store check out, but never buy? Yeah, those. 

Check out her music, follow her social media, and make sure you show her a TON of the much-needed and well-deserved support because her empowering personality, quirky habits, and amazing music will never let you down. 

JP is a born and raised Midwesterner, but now calls the desert home. She is a Junior studying English, Spanish Linguistics and Language, and Media Analysis. When she's not writing for Her Campus, catch her wreaking havoc on Twitter: @HansonJenna
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