The Luxury Fashion Trends Going Out of Style

Trends… they come and go as fast as the latest pop singles. Whether it be flared pants, or sweater vests, almost every trend will see its goodbyes. Some of 2019’s fashion staples are no exception. Here are a few trends that will slowly but surely see their way out the door!

  1. 1.  The Gucci Belt

    Initially, the Gucci belt was a fashion staple. It completed any outfit, and added a sophisticated flare to looks across the board. Nowadays, the piece is outdated and overused. It’s lost its originality, and the belt can be spotted anywhere. What once was a staple, is now slowly becoming a faux pas.

  2. 2. The Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch, especially with the Hermès watchband, is no longer a hot commodity. The trend is starting to dwindle, and who wants to charge another device at night?! The luxury watch band is unflatteringly masculine, and frankly, a waste of money.

  3. 3. Luxury Mini Bags

    Mini bags had their moment. For ladies on the go, they’re extremely impractical. They can rarely fit a lipstick in them, much less a cellphone! They were trendy for a second, but in reality, they’re not viable for those in their daily lives. Calling all designers… stop making these!!

  4. 4. Luxury Small Sunnies

    These were “in” momentarily, but at the end of the day, they’re once again not practical! These sunnies don’t protect your eyes, yet still cost a fortune! This fashion season will definitely be ditching this fad.

This season make sure to spend your money wisely. If you want to splurge choose items that will remain staples across the many seasons to come! Indulge in beautiful pieces that are versatile throughout your wardrobe in order to make the most of your purchases. Don’t forget, ditch the Gucci belts, and opt for more original and classic accessories.