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Lovely Lashes: An Honest Review & Experience With Extensions

So, you want to get your lashes done? Well, you’re at the right place for an honest opinion on lash extensions. Lashes can look luscious and you can easily fall in love with them, but be aware of their cons. From being high maintenance, to having an allergic reaction, lashes are not for everyone.

I first got my lashes done around the beginning of Summer 2017. Gluing on lashes just seemed to take too much time when I was getting ready, and lash extensions were still one of the biggest trends going on. So, I decided I would get them done. This is what I learned from my experiences up until now.

Start Off Small

I started getting my lashes done by a young lady who did lashes out of her house. I highly recommend avoiding studio done lashes until you know if getting lashes done is right for you. Small, single-person businesses, as such, are good for first experiences. 

My primary experience from getting lashes done resulted in the realization that my lashes were too big for me. They felt as if I was wearing tiny, little weights on my eyelids. I kept the weights on my eyes for maybe only for a good workout perhaps, but after two days I removed them. The heaviness on my lids made me tired, and it was just not enjoyable anymore. 

The initial price for the lashes was around $60, so it is my fault that I wasted that money removing them. To avoid mistakes like mine, if you’re starting off with a small business to get your lashes done, I suggest starting off small with your lashes too.

Ask Questions

Lash experts will teach you a lot when you first get your lashes done. Some, more than others. Typically, they will let you know about sizes of lashes, the curl, and what they are doing as they adhere fake lashes to your real ones. 

But, only if you ask questions.

As someone who is new to lash extensions, you may say “what the heck” when hearing about lengths, curl-types, etc. However, all this information is valuable if you want to continue your lash adventure. Given the brief overview of lashes from the expert, you can continue your research at home.

Side Sleepers Be Aware

Side sleeper here! I know all about the cons of side sleeping with lashes. Many of the cons are inevitable however, there are some that can be helped.

If you’re a side sleeper, please note that living life with lash extensions will be harder for you. All honesty says that I still get them done as a side sleeper, but it can end up costly.

One day, you’ll wake up with both eyes filled beautifully with lashes. The next, the eye from the side that you sleep on is bare, naked, and here you are getting a fill for your lashes again.

Side sleepers tend to get their lash extensions filled more than others for this reason. My advice, learn to sleep on your back, deal with the cost, or don’t get them done. It’s a harsh truth but, someone had to say it. Lash extensions can be preserved longer for side sleepers if you wear a eye bra (found on Amazon), yet my experience with it wasn’t amazing, so the cons for side sleepers are usually unavoidable.

Treat Your Lashes Right

Your lashes won’t treat you right if you don’t do the same. Gently wash your lashes to avoid dirt/make-up build up. Letting grime sit on your lashes can make them itchy or fall out.

I learned this the hard way. When I first started getting lashes, I put minimum effort into cleaning my lashes. I was afraid of removing them during the process. Little did I know, I was making it worse! Minimum effort while cleaning can make lashes fall out quicker. This then leads to needing a fill again which is more money. As a “broke college student” saving as much money as possible is key. 

Brush your lashes too.

After getting your lashes done, a brush will usually be given to you to brush out lashes, so they do not clump. This is essential for your lash hygiene too and should not be ignored!

A Final Tip

Call me crazy for still getting my lashes done, but every time I get them done, my eyes turn bloodshot for around a day or two. I’ve pinned it down to either that I am allergic to lash glue, or I am simply just sensitive to it. They are rarely itchy in this circumstance however, it’s not always the best look after I get them done.

If you’re considering lash extensions, please be aware that certain people can react differently to the products that they put on your eye. 

Lashes are gorgeous, but health is more important. If your body ends up reacting differently to getting lashes done than solely your eyes turning red, seek medical attention. Lashes really should not be painful.

Don’t let all this scare you away though! Yes, lashes are probably not suitable for everyone. And yes, lashes are high maintenance and can run some money if not taken care of, but learn from other lessons, and they can be amazing too! For someone who has struggled with how she views herself for a while, lashes boosted my self-confidence. I felt as if I could wake up with merely lashes on and still be beautiful going out. Take precaution and getting lash extensions may change your life in the end!


Azaria Ford is a student at Arizona State University majoring in Psychology with a minor in Criminology. With her free time, Azaria loves to do crafty activities, spend time with her friends, get fit, study, and shop. She loves going out and trying new things, along with going new places.
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