A Letter to Cupid

Dear Cupid,


    Happy Valentine’s Day! Just an update: I still have not celebrated Valentine's Day with a boyfriend. Technically I sort of did in high school, but we “dated” for 3 weeks so I don’t really count it. It was nice and all, but I vaguely remember it being super awkward. I think it’s because there were all these couples surrounding us at this really cute Italian restaurant and they were all lovey-dovey and we were chilling in a corner waiting for a table. I realized that we had only known each other for a few weeks and were still getting to know each other, but we were surrounded by all these couples who were in love. It made me anxious.


To be honest, Valentine’s Day has always made me anxious. Even in middle school, each kid was expected to bring those Valentine’s Day cards that folded in half and you had to individually sticker shut with a heart. You had to include all classmates but there were always those two kids who had a crush on each other and gave themselves a little extra. Then, high school hit and there were these beaming girls with teddy bears bigger than their boyfriends and roses and chocolate boxes spilling out of their backpacks. It was sweet for them, but those chocolate boxes were bitter for me.


Then I went to college and didn’t you hear? December and January are “cuffing season” so couples began to unite. So by February 14th you have a date ready to go. Don’t get me wrong, Cupid, I love, love but I am beginning to get a little tired of these expectations that I should have a boyfriend. Why can’t I just babysit on Valentine’s Day eating the chocolate my parents got me that weekend? Why do I have to feel guilt for not planning a romantic dinner for two with Prince Charming?


I’ve realized that Valentine’s Day is for the couples. And that’s fine. I’m sure when I do spend it with a boyfriend I will want to give him a cute gift in exchange for a chocolate box. I’m sentimental so I’ll probably keep that teddy bear too. But, for now I think I’m okay with hanging out watching Blue Planet on Netflix with a bag of popcorn. Honestly, that sounds like a pretty great Valentine’s Day to me. So have fun on your busiest night, Cupid. While you’re out there shooting your arrows, I’ll be out here shooting my shot.




Your Valentine