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  1. The action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism.

Death as a notion is easily talked about. The aspect of what happens after death… seems to come with silent disregard and minimal acceptance for views that differ from our own. 

Regardless of belief in human souls, purpose, and creators, my personal notion is to provide insight on the various options for what happens after death in an objective manner that refers to the use of ‘our’ to describe collective ideas. 

Heaven – This idea follows the concept of praise for good deeds completed during our time on earth.

Hell – This idea follows the concept of punishment for bad deeds completed during our time on earth. 

The concepts of Heaven and Hell, and more specifically how to get into Heaven or Hell, vary amongst religious and personal views. Some believe that certain acts can grant access or denial into Heaven, as judged by God. Judgement of God also leads to the concept of purgatory:

Purgatory – This idea follows the concept that after death, the soul will be punished for their earthly sins before the soul is allowed into Heaven. Otherwise, known as temporary suffering. 

Reincarnation – This idea follows the concept that after death our soul will be directed into another life form on earth, this new body holds no recollection of the previous body. 

The concepts of Reincarnation can occur from human souls moving into any other living organism on the earth, while other views on reincarnation depict human souls can only reincarnate into other human bodies. 

Nothingness – This idea follows the concept that after death there is no ‘event’ to occur after death, human awareness (consciousness, body, or soul) does not exist after death. 

The concepts of Nothingness follow the idea of dreamless sleep. There is no memory during this daily period of time where our bodies are at rest with no emotion or feeling connected to the waking moments of life. 

Current Experiencing – This idea follows the concept that death has already occurred and the experiences currently happening are a form of heaven or hell. 

The concept of Current Experiencing is generally due to the belief that these current experiences are a form of hell. Fundamentally bad occurrences on earth are thought to be rape of children and mass destruction; these occurrences are not meant for human souls to experience, witness, or act upon. However, the opposite Current Experiencing notion follows that these current experiences are a form of heaven. The ability to experience a body is, in itself, a heavenly experience for the human soul. 

One Soul – This idea follows the concept that our soul in the earth is the only one. When our soul is released from the human body in death, our soul then travels to another time, place, and body to experience the life of another human. Once every human experience has been had by the soul, our souls develop a universal state of acceptance and understanding. 

This concept of One Soul follows the idea of treating our souls as equals, since essentially, we are all the same soul.

While the discussion of life after death is not generally spoken about, however, it is important to remember that our lives are driven first by our own intentions. Remember to live by actions that are not only ‘good’ by societal standards, but are ‘good’ to your own consciousness. 

At the end of the day, all you have is yourself. 

Today is going to be a good day ladies! Welcome to Maya's account as she begins her journey at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. Maya's goal is to work within columnist writing to analyze concepts for the community of students and families of Arizona.
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